Outbound Marketing And Why It Is Obsolete

Posted by John Aikin on Dec 8, 2015 3:30:00 PM

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The consumer has changed; so should the way of reaching new leads. The old ways of marketing, such as TV/radio ads, billboards, and cold calling, are no longer an effective way to increase your consumer base. This excerpt explains why outbound marketing no longer works.



As technology moves faster it's become both easier and harder to connect with potential customers. We have a product or service we know they will find valuable, but finding the best way to let them know has become more complex. I want to talk a bit about the usual way of marketing versus what I think is a better way: inbound vs. outbound marketing. 

Most of how we've learned to market and win clients is based on the notion of stealing customer attention from something else, of getting in their way, or getting them to focus on our message long enough to cause them to do something. We know how to educate, address fears or desires, or tap into pre-existing needs. But at its core it's still about making people shift their attention away from something theyare interested in to focus on our message. Music stops playing on the radio, football games take time-outs, entire pages of newspapers carry no news, and highway scenery gets replaced with big squares of (hopefully) compelling information. We do all this, and more, so that we can interrupt potential customers and tell them something we think is important.


Access to exponentially more people meansmore eyes to get in front of and potentially more sales opportunities. But this boon is coming to an end as we're seeing the creation of technologies - in all parts of our lives - to get around these interruptions:

  • We pay the extra $1.99 for an ad-free app.
  • We use a newsreader to get our news stories without having to worry about print or online advertising. 
  • We rigorously work and rework our Facebook feed to better ignore ads and promoted posts.
  • We pay for streaming television, or at least use our DVRs, to avoid commercials.
  • We pay for streaming radio, or torrent all our music, so we don't have to listen to... what? Ads.

Are you seeing a theme here? For all the time spent online - regardless of device - it seems we're working harder to find ways to narrow our input and content, and we often seem to start with outbound advertisements.

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