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Planning and Success

Posted by Larry Lynch
on May 3, 2018

Under the Canopy - Planning and Success

Planning, pre-production, sketching, rough drafts, and brainstorming. Any way you put it, it's a key component to success. In this episode of Under the Canopy we take a look in on a crucial brainstorm planning session.

Later in the episode we get to look at a new creative idea in video production. We wanted to start a video marketing campaign for one of our clients.. The issue, they are located half way around the world! Luckily, with the help of video chat, we were able to coach them on what to say and how to film without leaving our Traverse City, MI office. Then, once we received the footage we were able to produce a high-quality video with motion graphic design over the interview footage we shot together. Technology, huh!?

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