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Never stress
about Migrations
with HubSpot.

Discover why thousands of thriving companies trust Web Canopy Studio to bring unparalleled clarity and confidence to their revenue.
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Awesome clients.
Exceptional results.

For the last decade, some of the top brands around the world
have worked with Web Canopy Studio to build a powerful
marketing and sales engine using HubSpot.

brian no bk


"John and the team at Web Canopy Studio get what it takes to help companies grow successfully. Their growth-driven design and inbound marketing focus are a best practice-approach to building better businesses."

Brian Halligan
Co-founder, HubSpot
Hubspot experts

Whether you're just getting started (with Hubspot), or you're a seasoned pro...

Our mission is to help you unlock HubSpot's full potential regardless if you're new to the platform or you've been using HubSpot for ages. We hone in on your goals, equip you with the best tools inside the platform, and provide a fool-proof roadmap to guide you on your journey with HubSpot.

Case studies

Our results speak louder than words.

Here is just a sample of some of our award winning client work.

Easymovie case study
Case study


EasyMovie's strategic shift to HubSpot led to a stunning 65% increase in conversions, influenced over $400,000 in revenue, and drew in 500+ Masterclass registrations.

Paktech case study
Case study


PakTech dramatically improved their sales operations using HubSpot, streamlining workflows and enhancing their quoting process. This strategic overhaul led to an impressive boost in lead conversion rates, showcasing their commitment to innovation and efficiency in the packaging industry.

HelloCollege case study_3x
Case study


HelloCollege dramatically boosted their engagement and revenue by switching to HubSpot, revamping their event strategy for stunning results: a 50% leap in lead engagement and a 20% increase in event earnings!

KP evolutions case study
Case study

KP Evolutions

KP Evolutions' innovative launch of KP Internet led to a spectacular achievement: from zero to 1000+ customers and $1.7M in annual recurring revenue in just 10 months!

Our work

Chances are, you've likely used something
we had a hand in creating.

Web Canopy Studio work examples_3x
Web Canopy Studio Mobile work examples
dharmesh hubspot headshot


"Web Canopy Studio has been an innovator in the HubSpot community since the early days of the partner program. I love their commitment to the customer and appreciate how they've helped make our product and platform better for all."

Dharmesh Shah
Co-founder/CTO, HubSpot
The proof

Unlike most, we actually use real KPIs to measure success for our clients.


We created campaigns that generated $1.3M in new deals


We developed payment systems that boosted payment volume by up to 35%


We designed CRM systems that allowed up to 3x more deals to close (faster, too!)


We integrated HubSpot and reduced tech stack by 6 tools


We built websites that generated 6.8x more paying customers

*Results shown are exceptional and achieved by our dedicated partners; individual outcomes may vary


We've been HubSpot partners for over a decade.

In that time we were named the 13th Diamond Partner in the world, trained and onboarded thousands of HubSpot users, and earned over a dozen awards and accolades for our clients' remarkable results.

Our services

We specialize in 4 key areas to help our clients grow.

hubspot service 3

Hubspot Enablement

We collaborate with sales, marketing, operations, and finance teams to simplify (and clarify) their tech stack and tools. This allows you to spend less time on frustrating tech issues and more on what really matters: growing your business effectively.

Whether your team is new to HubSpot or you've inherited a tech stack and need help, we work through onboarding & implementation, team training, automation & reporting, integration, and system migrations.

rev ops2

Revenue Operations

We specialize in integrating your sales, marketing, and customer service operations with HubSpot, creating an easy-to-use system for managing leads, sales, and customer interactions. Our focus is on practical solutions: design and implementation of your sales process, optimizing your CRM, streamlining your quote-to-cash processes, and enhancing payment operations for measurable business growth.

Whether it's setting up a brand new system or redefining an existing one, we're here to make that process easier and more manageable.

lead converting sites

Lead Converting Websites

Our approach helps you turn your website into your top sales tool for nurturing leads and closing deals, working 24/7 to bring highly qualified contacts to your door. By building on a powerful CMS like HubSpot, not only will you be able to easily manage your website on your own, but you will gain massive clarity into attribution, campaign performance, and what's working.

Whether it's a custom redesign, a simple facelift, or a HubSpot migration, we've got you covered.

Marketing growth2

Marketing Growth

Our approach flips traditional marketing on its head. By focusing on the end game - revenue generation - we craft campaigns that start from the point of conversion and work backwards. This reverse engineering ensures that every marketing effort, big or small, directly contributes to your core business objectives, transforming the way you attract, engage, and secure customers.

Whether you need a partner to guide you or a full team to execute with you, rest assured, we're here for your every step of the way.

Dan Tyre from Hubspot


"Web Canopy has been productive members of the HubSpot ecosystem for many years with a strong emphasis on strategy & development. Based on my positive customer experiences, Web Canopy is in my list of experts for prospect and customer referrals."

Dan Tyre
Sales Director, HubSpot
Other agencies

Sometimes it feels like you have to babysit the vendors you work with.

If you've ever hired an agency, you know how frustrating it can be when things don't go as planned.

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Our agency

This isn't our first rodeo.

We've had the pleasure of collaborating with awesome brands for over 15 years, and we work diligently to keep communication, transparency, and adaptability at the core of what we do.

WCS transformation bubbles
The team

We are professionals that love helping others hit their goals.

No need to worry here about being "assigned" to entry level staff who have never worked in the real world like many other agencies.

Our staff is made up of former marketing VPs, successful entrepreneurs, and accomplished directors, with decades of experience and backgrounds in manufacturing, B2B enterprise SaaS, telecom, and healthcare, among others.

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The process

A decade of continuous improvement.

We've refined our process over the years, and we're still at it!

No matter the engagement, every client goes through this model, designed to help you gain clarity and hit your goals with maximum efficiency.

WCS process 1.1
Step 1

We get clear on the finish line

We work together to identify what success looks like for your company and turn that into clear objectives and benchmarks to guide the way during our time together.

WCS process 2
Step 2

We workshop the solution

Through collaborative workshop sessions, we strategize the best solution that not only puts out the immediate fire, but also sets you up for long term success as you grow.

WCS process 3.1
Step 3

We build and implement

We execute objectives with regular meetings, collaborative documentation, shared wins, and critical reporting and tracking at every step.

WCS process 4
Step 4

We iterate and improve

We optimize and iterate through a new series of objectives in order to truly maximize your ROl and enhance your experience, making your life easier one step at a time.

Our products

Looking for a more DIY approach?

Join over 70,000 HubSpot Marketplace Downloads and unlock our game-changing products. Take control of your marketing destiny with our powerful tools designed to fuel your success.

WCS courses3

Marketing courses

Jump into our courses and get the lowdown on everything from HubSpot setup, to SEO, to conversion rate optimization. Our industry pros make learning fun and easy, no matter if you're just starting out or already a total pro.

WCS modules3

Hubspot modules

Unlock the true potential of your HubSpot platform. Effortlessly enhance your website's functionality and design by adding interactive elements, dynamic content, and powerful features. With our modules, you have the freedom to create a truly tailored and immersive user experience. 

WCS themes3

Hubspot themes

Discover our collection of HubSpot themes designed to captivate and engage your audience. From stunning visuals to seamless integrations, our themes provide a solid foundation for creating a remarkable online presence that leaves a lasting impression.

Still need more proof?

What our clients say.

Don't take our word for it. Hear directly from just a small sample of our customers what they have to say about their experience with us.

The blog

What's trending in our world.

We're no strangers to sharing information that gets us excited. Check out the latest from our team in the world of HubSpot, marketing, sales, business operations, and tech stack automation.

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How it works

We can't wait to work with you. Let's get started.

We love teaming up with a variety of companies, but we know we're not the right match for everyone.
That's why we operate on an application-only basis. If you think we're the team you've been looking for, based on what you've read above, getting started with us is as easy as 1-2-3...


1. Schedule a discovery call

Ever wonder how great partnerships start? Just like this! Fill out a quick application and book your session with us. We're all about finding the best solutions together.


2. Unpack your goals & challenges

Let's understand what it is you're trying to solve and why that problem exists. We'll dive into your business hurdles, aspirations, and unique challenges in order to paint the picture of where you are today and what's holding you back from achieving your goals.


3. Plan & strategize

We're going to work together to outline a roadmap for success with a complete action plan and timeline in order to get your team from where you are today to where you want to be.