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6 Strategies for Adding Video to Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by John Aikin
on August 6, 2019

Getting Started With video content

We know that adding video to your content strategy seems like it can be a daunting task. 

That's why we sat down to make a video all about how to start creating video content for your brand as soon as today!


1 - Buying video production gear doesn't have to be expensive

If you're deciding to test out video content for your brand, you don't have to look further than the phone in your pocket.

Most video content can be produced with your iPhone and iMovie. Start making short form video content using your iPhone and use iMovie for editing. 

The only purchase you will need to get started is a tripod. Find something like this to hold your phone while you record yourself, or your colleagues. 

A tripod will make your footage look more professional and allow you to produce content by yourself. 

Add a Higher production value with used camera gear!

If you would like to start creating video content using actual camera gear, try using ebay to find used cameras. The used camera market is a great place to start your video production journey.

Most camera owner's take great care of their gear and only sell their cameras when they're ready to upgrade to nicer equipment.

Here are some awesome used camera options that provide great footage at an affordable price. 

  • Panasonic g6
  • Panasonic g7
  • Canon t2i
  • Canon 60d
  • DJI Osmo Pocket
  • GoPro Hero 6

2. Film for 20 seconds a day

This is a great strategy for people looking for a creative way to start adding video to their social media content strategy.

We recommend picking one subject in your industry to talk about for 20 seconds, every day.

These videos can be about recent news that might affect your clients, a lesson you learned the day before, or relevant stories about your life. 

This is a great way to tie emotion and character to your brand. Your videos can either live on Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, or go right to your social feed.

3. Start a mini-series 

This strategy is awesome, because it requires accountability. Make sure you commit to at least 10 episodes. They can be about whatever you want, just make sure that the subject relates to your target audience. 

Even if these videos don't draw a huge audience to your social media accounts, you can still use these videos for email marketing content.

In the past, we have seen great success delivering our contacts a video series on a specific topic that provides solutions to their pain points. 

Try sending an email to your contact list with an option to opt into a 5-10 video series.

Everyone who opts in can receive a new video everyday through a workflow in your CRM. We especially like this idea because it gives your contacts an opportunity to build a closer relationship to you and your brand. 

4. Create a Video FAQ section for your website.

This strategy is a very easy win. You can even produce these videos without owning any camera equipment at all. We have helped clients create these videos using as little as just the webcam on their computer.

To start out, just create about four or five videos that answer your business's most commonly asked questions. If you don't already have a FAQ section, reach out to your sales and service teams to find out what questions are asked most often.

Once you film these answers, create a section of your website to house all of these questions. 

Even if you don't have a lot of traffic on your website now, you can grow this page with more text and video to eventually increase your site's SEO.

5. Film a weekly podcast

This one is a 3-for-1 strategy!

When done correctly, you can start turning your podcasts into weekly blog, video and audio content for your company.

We like to set up a camera every time we record our podcast. Then, we listen back to sections that we feel hold a lot of value and cut these out for our youtube channel.

Finally, we embed these videos on our blog. We use REV.com to transcribe these videos into text. After a little editing, we have a great blog post to add to our website. 

6. Film speaking engagements 

This strategy might not pertain to your company yet, however it could be something to remember for the future.

We have had a lot of clients come to us, not currently creating any video content, yet have had a lot of opportunities to speak to crowds at various events. 

Next time they spoke at a convention or college, we had them take a camera and tripod with them to capture the speaking event.

Much like the podcast strategy, we were able to cut out sections of the speaking engagement and turn it into a couple of very valuable videos.

Get Started

We hope that these 6 ideas will spark some creativity and get you started with video production.

It's all about getting started and sticking with it. You're not going to create a viral video overnight. But, keep creating and you will inevitably build an audience who looks forward to your content.

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