Increase Google Ranking

Posted by Patrick O'Neal on Dec 7, 2015 4:25:29 PM

In essential tools, seo

This excerpt focuses on another Wordpress plugin for ranking higher in Google.


Well, what is it? - This builds a sitemap for Google to review. Basically, this tool allows Google to index your site extremely fast, allowing a better understanding of what pages are included and how they fit with your other content.

Why do I need it? - A sitemap is imperative if you want Google to be able to quickly index your site's pages, visualize the hierarchy, and respond with fast search results. Without a sitemap, you run the risk of your site not being properly indexed by Google, meaning you won't be relevant!

So, how do I use it? - If you're familiar with WordPress plugins, you've probably had experience installing something and then kind of staring off into space trying to figure out where it went or what you should do - this is one of those plugins! However, instead of it being lost on your site somewhere, it's actually working right away. All you need to do is install the plugin and you're done, no settings to worry about!

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