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7 SaaS marketing sales strategies using Facebook Live

Posted by John Aikin
on February 8, 2018

If you’re going to do just one thing for social reach in marketing your SaaS right now, it definitely should be Facebook Live. For starters, organic reach for native video (not posting links from other 3rd parties like YouTube) is 135% greater than that of photos or text.

Are you freaking kidding me? How often do you post something on your Facebook page only to find out it has only been seen by just a handful of people? This is one of the most aggravating results SaaS marketing managers and entrepreneurs are faced with daily, because it doesn’t truly grow the business reach as they had hoped.

Everyone and their brother gives out social media advice, but come on. Honestly, you know as well as we do that unless you have an extremely massive and interactive audience, you are just wasting time regardless of how awesome you might feel the content might be. It won’t be seen by a damn soul unless you’re willing to do some heavy ad spends to targeted users. That’s really what Facebook appears to be after. And, can you blame them? I know I can’t. If I had a free platform and a huge user database, I’d monetize the shit out of that, too.

For Organic reach though, how about some advice that actually delivers results without requiring you to pay for ad space? Post a native video and watch the “seen by” numbers soar. Post a Live video, and see what happens next.

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According to Social Media Today, users spend 3x longer watching video when it’s Live than when it is recorded. Imagine having not only a stronger and more organic reach to a wider audience, but having the ability to keep that audience engaged for literally triple the amount of time your other efforts have produced.

You’re essentially producing content that is consumed by more people, for longer amounts of time, in a format that allows you interact with your audience. What more could you ask for?

Now, the biggest question that pops up is about what kind of content should be posted. We’ve put together a list of our favorite ideas for SaaS marketers to use for their companies. This is just an idea

Facebook Live Topic Ideas For SaaS

  1. Frequently asked questions are probably the most obvious kinds of video. A solid recommendation is to collect a series of 5 questions or so and go over them each week at a specific time. Ask your audience to submit, go through the questions you were asked at your last round of investment, etc. Make this something for people to look forward to each week by promoting your events
  2. Go on an office tour. Highlight the people in your office, the walk you have to work, the favorite lunch spots you may have, the games you guys play to pass the time, etc. Give some reality to your workspace and let your audience see more than just the product-facing side of you.
  3. Interview your employees, one by one. Each one could be a short 3-5 minute interview asking background questions and getting to know them personally.
  4. Highlight a weekly roundup of things going on in your industry. Ask someone to give you a topic and just roll with it, completely candid, unedited, and 100% real. This helps with education and authority and allows you to get your voice in front of your audience.
  5. Highlight product release information and updates periodically to give info on what’s to come. Ask for user feedback and talk about it on air.
  6. Do a ‘pain points’ segment that highlights the pains your product solves for users.
  7. Do a product overview and walkthrough, highlight things most users miss or might not realize about your product.

These should get you more than started. Keep in mind, you are trying to build an engaged following. Facebook Live is a great way to jumpstart that following and bring in a bigger audience through shares, likes, and comments. We of all people know that SaaS marketing is not easy, but by paying attention to what's happening (and acting early), you're going to benefit greatly. Remember, your audience is listening. Be on top of your game when it comes to organic social reach so you can get in front of them.


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