4 Market and Sales Strategy Tips for Converting Leads

Posted by John Aikin
on September 17, 2019

Great work! You’ve got your marketing plan implemented with social media rolling, awesome site traffic, compelling CTAs and content offers, and potential customers are filling out forms to learn about related products and services.

You want to keep the lead generation momentum moving through the Buyer’s Journey and increase your sales so your inbound campaign can start showing bottom line evidence that it is working.

You may be wondering what your next steps are to convert leads into customers.

That is the exact process that we talked about on this week's podcast, and we've gone through before about sales strategy examples. As we discovered, there are essentially four key components to a powerful sales process. Take a listen, read, or watch below to learn all about how you can start selling smarter!

1. Don’t focus on the sale

This may seem counterintuitive but it isn’t. Hear me out... Instead, focus on the initial conversion.

If companies only think about getting people into requesting quotes, filling out contact forms, and asking to buy a product, they are setting themselves up for failures.

They should be actively building opportunities for new businesses to convert with them, followed by a well thought out lead nurturing campaign.

With this, they can weed out the bad and focus on the quality.

2. Define an MQL

If you know what defines a marketing qualified lead, you’ll have a clear path to success with how to move leads through the funnel.

If you say an MQL is someone who has performed XYZ on your site and meets a certain criteria (demographics, industry, etc), you’ll be able to funnel your marketing to those conversion points for prioritization.

This identification will help a company’s sales process to truly focus on an accurate target market.

It should also inform and impact the marketing strategy.

3. Sell small, first

Consider building a starter package rather than the core product you offer to get people in the door.

It’s way more cost effective to up-sell to current customers than to try to acquire new customers.

Sell your hardest products to current customers only.

4. Build trust with your client base

Don’t stop the sales cycle after the sale is made.

Keep providing extremely valuable and helpful information to your clients after they become customers.

Turning your clients into advocates for your brand will increase your reach and your potential for up-selling.

Defining what a MQL is for your company, building trust with your qualified leads, and starting small are the next steps for you to keep the momentum of your inbound campaign rolling into the conversion and delight phases.

Put these 4-steps on how marketing and sales strategies convert leads into place and your bottom-line will thank you, guaranteed!


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