Affordable HubSpot Templates That Get The Job Done

Posted by John Aikin
on August 3, 2015



So what exactly are the best HubSpot templates that are available in the marketplace?  Well... That depends.

Affordable HubSpot Templates

Do you need to re-energize your blog?  Perhaps you need a fresh landing page style to overhaul your conversion rates? 

It doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg.

We have noticed a trend over the last few years in reviewing the HubSpot marketplace.  A few trends, actually.  

Here are the 4 things we've noticed that have gone wrong in the HubSpot Template Marketplace... And how we have remedied them.

1.) There's Not A Lot Of Diversity

Most of the templates we monitor on the Marketplace are extremely similar, if not identical, to the next company's template positioned directly next to it.

I don't know how many different versions of the same boxed landing page need to be made before HubSpot puts an end to the madness! Regardless, people are still buying them, and people keep making them.  So ask yourself this question...

Do I want the exact same looking landing page, blog, or website as a thousand other companies out there?

2.) The HubSpot Templates are (mostly) over priced

Um... Hello? Why do you need to spend $200 on a simple landing page, when you can use another service and buy their templates for much cheaper?  Granted, it wouldn't be a HubSpot template at that point, but it still begs the question - why so expensive?

Landing page templates on the Marketplace are averaging between $125 to $200 a piece, some coming with a few extra add-ons, and some coming in higher than that.

Do I want to spend hundreds of dollars on these so-called affordable HubSpot Templates?

Best HubSpot Templates

3.) Specialty fields are left out

Most of the templates you find in the HubSpot Template Marketplace are generally focused or broad.  Or, they loosely relate to overall "business" in design and development.  

Sure, it makes sense as a designer selling to a broad audience to keep it vague so it can be used by more people.  However, it's not exactly the smartest approach because you're not specifically meeting the needs of the people you're trying to sell to.

What happens if you specify in a field and have to get creative to make it work?  What if you're a travel agency looking for the perfect landing page to promote your specials?  What happens if you're a luxury car dealership needing a sleek blog layout?

Do I want a general approach to templates, or something that looks like my industry so my clients and customers will connect?

4.) No one is focusing on Growth Driven Design

Ah, there's that phrase again.  Growth Driven Design.  Such a cool sounding keyword, isn't it?  GDD is about being smart in your development and growing your website over time.  Most of the site pages in the Marketplace are not focused on how to change your site over time.  We aim to change that.

Is this site going to be my static site for the next 2 years?

So here are the solutions to affordable HubSpot Templates that we have been brainstorming over

HubSpot Template MarketplaceOn top of the issues above, we noticed another main trend with new HubSpot users:  It's not very easy to grasp everything all at one time when you start.  There seems to be a 3 month learning curve, at least, if you are doing this appropriately for most businesses.

Often, people will grasp the concepts of the inbound methodology, and they will really get a good understanding of how the sotfware works (blogging, landing pages, etc.).  That being said, there is so much information to digest that they can get overwhelmed and leave out a very important piece - visualizations. 

To remedy this issue, we recently started developing a series of HS Templates that are centered on the idea of producing everything you need to get your HubSpot up and running.  It's a fantastic solution for not only new users of HubSpot, but also veterans who need something to spruce up their efforts.  These templates are built around 4 main components:

  • They must be cost effective (not selling for hundreds of dollars)
  • They must be styled unique from all other templates in the marketplace
  • They must come with documentation that outlines how to use it and how to develop over time
  • They must fit all kinds of business types, but can also center on specific industries

We are calling this our "Getting Started With HubSpot" series.  We are building this template series over time, and are starting with 8 templates to choose from.  

Everything in this series is offered at a price of $75, regardless of the template size or purpose.  

hubspot templatesThe Best HubSpot Templates In The Marketplace?

I don't know about that.  But I do know that they are developed around the idea of helping people meet their goals and get the job done.  They are built with only the most extreme care and detailed in a way to drive conversion rates.  

Take a look and see for yourself!



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