3 Big Changes WCS Has Made In The Marketplace

Posted by Ryan Bell
on April 23, 2018

This post will give you a better understanding of what our Template Development team has been up to recently, and what plans they've got coming up!

Updates To Our Free Templates Have Been Made!

Have you taken a gander at our free templates in the marketplace yet? If not, what are you waiting for?! Did I mention that they're free? The obvious benefits to that aside, the reason I bring this up is because we've made some changes to most of them! Here's the breakdown:

  • Prelude - The OG of HubSpot's free templates! In recent updates, we've added the option to create a color gradient instead of a singular color overlay, and condensed the module list down significantly within the page editor. In other other words, modules in the list now do multiple jobs at once instead of having a module for every step. Hello higher efficiency!
  • Cadenza - Yet another one of the very first free templates in HubSpot's marketplace. Whereas this landing page used to only be equipped with a large image background, it's now got an additional background option to choose from: a video background! Check it out when you can, we're very proud of it.
  • Sonata - By far, Sonata is the most improved out of the bunch (so far). Those of you who downloaded the previous version of the most-downloaded template in the marketplace may remember that styles on the template were not alway consistent at times after an email had been sent out. Well thanks to the structural improvements made to the template, this is no longer an issue! Sonata 2.0 is a well-oiled machine and ready to roll.

If you'd like to check out a demo of Prelude, Cadenza, or Sonata, feel free to check them out in HubSpot's marketplace! Keep an eye out for an improved version of Overture coming out as well. This is the next item on our update list!


A New Template Pack: Law Canopy!

Court is now in session! To attract new clients, it is critical to possess a professional-looking site for your firm. With Law Canopy, creating a slick, beautiful website from scratch couldn't be easier. It comes ready to go with easy-to-use templates full of customizable elements, such as colors, fonts, and images.

Once all customizations have been made in your page editor within the home page template, those changes can be applied to your entire site afterward! It's not necessary to guess how to style your site by looking at external demo pages.

Also included in this pack is powerful pre-filled text that can help identify what you should be saying to potential clients and where to interact with them. Recess is over! Check out Law Canopy today.


Custom Modules Are On Their Way!

No, your eyes do not deceive you. With the announcement of Custom Modules coming to HubSpot's marketplace for purchase soon, we're taking the initiative and getting prepped to drop some of our in there..for free!! That's right! 5 modules customized by us to be as awesome as possible will be available for free once this new portion of the marketplace goes live. How exciting is that?


As you can see, we've been a little busy lately! We hope to continue putting out awesome products for you guys as time goes on, so send any and all questions you have for us as they come up. Always happy to help! :)

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