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Check Out Our Latest Template Pack: Launchpad Canopy

by Ryan Bell on March 23, 2017

Ready to start up a new Growth Driven Design project but not exactly sure how to do that? You're in luck! Just touching down in the landing zone is Launchpad Canopy, a template pack designed with a focus on helping those in need of some extra GDD guidance. Before getting started with it, take some time to read up on some of its unique features!


Launch Pad Canopy Growth Driven Design Template


Boxed Layout or Full Width

That's right! Launchpad comes with the OPTION to have a boxed layout! So if you'd rather have a full width site instead, you can actually have that. This can be changed via the magic of the page style module.


growth driven design hubspot templates


Map Footer

No need to awkwardly display a Google map by itself on your site anymore. With Launchpad, a map can be displayed right next to your contact information at the bottom of your pages! If this type of footer isn't your speed though, no worries! It can be swapped out for a more traditional footer instead.


launch pad growth driven design resources


System & Email Templates

Heard a few requests here and there about needing 404 and 500 pages; if you're in need of awesome looking error pages, or even various system pages that any site can make use of, this is the template pack for you! Also included are two different email templates that can used to fulfill any marketing purpose.

Check out Launchpad for yourself!


Get ready to kick some ass with Launchpad Canopy! If any of you have any questions about Launchpad Canopy, feel free to reference our new Support Center. Documentation for Launchpad is live now as well, and we're always ready to document any new questions that may come up. Until next time!


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