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Web Canopy Studio Acquires International Agency, Atomivox

Posted by John Aikin
on January 25, 2021

2020 was a banner year for us at Web Canopy Studio. We had our largest growth ever. We won 4 Impact Awards. And we were awarded a Great Places To Work in the US.

And now, we're starting 2021 with even BIGGER news!

Today we are announcing that we have acquired Atomivox, a Portugal-based inbound marketing agency, lead by Kevin Mullins.

Atomivox has been a trusted partner of ours, and we are so excited to have them join our team!

Kevin and team will be bringing a wealth of knowledge and skills to multiple areas of the business, helping to play a crucial role in our strategy and creative departments. 

As we've grown both domestically and internationally with clients throughout EMEA and APAC, this expansion allows us to further extend our reach and offer assistance to a much larger audience. 

It also means our primary client base in the United States will have even more resources available to them on their path to success. 

In the last year, we have been blessed to work with over 50 brands around the world to build amazing websites, run successful marketing campaigns, and generate millions in revenue for our clients. 

Adding Atomivox is nothing short of adding fuel on the fire to help our clients achieve even better results in their sales and marketing. 

We look forward to what this means for our team and our clients.

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