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The Sales Success Schedule for Closing Deals

Posted by John Aikin
on June 30, 2021

How do people close those deals?

You probably know a couple of them; Amazing salespeople who make it look so effortless. They seem to know exactly what to say and have a tone that gets a positive response from their prospects and makes the sale.

What do they have, or do, that’s so special?

And more importantly, how can you get to that point too?

It’s All in How You Spend Your Day

You have the same time, similar resources, and yet some salespeople just do better than you.

It all comes down to how you spend the time you have in a day.

The choices you make, the time you put in, even the kind of information you expose yourself to makes or breaks your career in sales.

To set yourself apart from the rest, to start to see an upward trajectory on your sales reports, you need to work on yourself intentionally.

Make changes to your lifestyle and improve the way you do things to be well on your way to great salesmanship.

And it doesn’t even matter if you’ve only been in the game for a couple of months.

That’s the best part! You don’t need years of experience to make it work. All you need is discipline and a willingness to push yourself further than before, and you will deliver excellent results!

The Sales Success Schedule That Will Help You Succeed

We've figured out a way to get your sales game to the next level. It all boils down to creating good habits that make your success in life more predictable.

Instead of leaving it to chance, we believe in forming your own path to success by laying out a plan and following it.

And we have a great starting point for you. 

A sales success schedule that you can adapt to your own life!

Ready for it?

Let’s get right to it!


Time for ‘Knowing’

The first thing that we found to be important is taking the time to learn.

Even if you’ve been in sales for decades, there’s always room to up your game, learn new skills, and new ways of doing things.

You may need to learn about the product, keep up to date with news and trending topics in your industry, figure out different pain points for your prospects that you can add to your message to them.

1. Wake up and Plan for Your Future (5:00 am)

What do you do when you wake up?

Do you immediately rush to open your emails or social media?

Sometimes you do, right? 

A successful day starts right from when you open your eyes. 

And while it’s hard to avoid, checking your emails or social media interrupts your morning

You’ll find that what you read may determine your mood for the rest of the day. And sometimes, it will also dictate what you will do during the day before you even have a chance to decide for yourself.

Let’s change that.

Take Some Time to Think Through Your Day

Start with some introspection.

Write down your goals.

What do you want to achieve now? What about in a few months or years?

Write down both your long-term and short-term goals. Want to finally move out of a rented apartment and put down a mortgage on your own house? 

Write that down!

Or maybe you have wanted to take a vacation somewhere that you know with your current lifestyle you can’t really afford. 

Write it down.

And what about your career? Where would you want to be in 5 years, maybe?

Add that too.

This will give you some motivation to face the day.

Listen to Something Inspiring

There's a ton of valuable content that can help you start your day right. It could be a podcast on negotiating better or an audiobook on something you find interesting. 

Whatever it is, especially on days when your goals don’t need adjustment, getting helpful information at this time will be great to help you keep improving yourself professionally, socially, or psychologically.

Then you can move on to the next thing.

Work Out 

Before you say anything, just hear us out, okay?

It doesn’t have to be an entire gym session, massive weight lifting, or marathon training. 

It could be as simple as doing a 5-minute routine, a brisk walk or jog around the block, or even just a set of stretches.

Morning movement helps shake off some of that lag that you often feel after waking up, gives you some energy, gets your body ready to start the day and face its challenges.

And that’s on top of having a healthier body. Your body —and mind— will thank you for it.

2. Breakfast and WorkPlan for the Day (6:00 am)

You probably guessed what we would say here, didn’t you?

Have a nice, healthy breakfast. A fruit maybe, some fiber-filled cereal when you want something quick.

And once you have had your breakfast, plan for your day. What tasks will you accomplish?

Remember the goals you worked on right after waking up? How will you get to them?

What small tasks can you do today to help get you closer to your goals?

Role Play If You Have Time

If you have some time before you get to work, get in a short roleplay. This is where you plan out your script.

Think of how you will start the calls.

What will you say? 

What tone and words will you use? 

Try it out with a family member or in front of your mirror.

This works wonders for your performance. When you practice something, it becomes easier to do the real thing.

Try it out, and see how well it works.

You will be more self-confident. You may even anticipate questions and can prepare for them. No more getting blindsided — you’ll be ready.


Time for Doing

Even if you learned every skill, it is all useless unless you put it into practice. 

That’s why we emphasize doing and not just soaking information.

So the next part of your day needs to be all about doing.

3. Get to Work and Get Things Done (8:00 am)

At this point, you have probably gone to the office. If you are working from home, maybe you have set up at your work desk and are ready to begin working.

If you followed the steps above, you would be ready to take action!

This is not the time to plan out what you need to do or figure out where to start.

It’s time to put in the work, get your task list done. Make some progress. If you had a prospect list, for instance, get through it. 

Make the calls, do your follow-ups, introductions and use what you learned in the ‘knowing’ stage to become better at it.

Once the official workday is over, you can move forward.

4. Unwinding from Work (6:00 pm)

When you clock out of work, you also want to take the time to relax. 

Clock out both physically and mentally. If possible, don’t check your emails or make work calls at this time.

Now’s the time to spend quality time with friends or family. Maybe grab a beer with your crew, play with your children, or take a special someone out on a date.

You can also spend this time by yourself, recharge, maybe watch a movie or do something you enjoy.

Get your mind away from work and put your energy into your private life.

5. Prepping for the Next Day (8:00 pm)

Before the day is over, take some time to prepare for the next day. 

This is a great time to review your goals. Did you accomplish any? Are you closer to some of the goals?

And what about the tasks? Did you get everything done?

Over time, you will start to understand what works better for you. You may need to readjust some goals, such as adding tasks to your day or reducing them.

This is also an excellent time to go through your calls, assess them, and find what you can improve on. 

Work on your prospect list as well. Grow it a little more, pick out an area or demographic that you will focus on the next day.

Once you have taken stock of your day and prepared for the next, then you can get to sleep.

6. Get Enough Sleep (9:00 pm)

Sometimes we get really frustrated when operating on little sleep. You may even take it out on prospects or clients.

You need to be well-rested to have patience as you go through the calls and reach out to potential clients.

So get enough sleep as often as possible.

We know it’s not always possible, yet it is essential to do.

Final Thoughts — You’ve Got This! 

Take things slowly.

No matter how badly you want to become a great salesperson, this sales success schedule, like all good things, takes time.

And it involves changing habits, taking on better ones, which means it will require you to be patient and persistent.

But don’t worry, it gets better with time.

So take the leap and change your life. 

Start to practice this success schedule that has proven to have results even for people who have not had prior experience.

And you’ll become the amazing salesperson who makes it look so effortless.

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