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Taking Full Advantage Of The Re-Imagined HubSpot Sales Hub

Posted by Elliott Sitkins
on September 11, 2023

The Current State of Sales Teams

Let’s get real for a moment: the sales landscape has changed, and it’s not the easiest place to navigate. Quotas are growing and budgets are shrinking.


Selling is harder than ever before. Buyers are sick of unhelpful salespeople who spam them with outreach. Quantity is no longer the recipe for success.


We’re in an age where sending more emails and making more calls won’t necessarily get you to the promised land of targets met and bonuses earned. 


The issue? It’s not about reaching more people. It’s about reaching better people, and doing so efficiently. Forget the bots and automated messages; the heart of sales is, and always will be, human connection.


Reps are spending more and more time on non-sales related activities and more of their sales process is being automated by AI. The human connection is being removed entirely. Rather than focus on quantity of sales activities, focus on quality of outreach.


So HubSpot has introduced a bunch of new features to Sales Hub in hopes of fixing the current state of sales and help your team better connect with prospects.


How to Fix The Sales Process


HubSpot Sales Hub aims to provide a solution to the current challenges sales teams are facing. This is accomplished by bringing all your sales data, tools, and teams together on one platform.


Your reps will no longer need to spend their time managing different software tools and instead have all of their deals and customer data available at a glance so they can focus on selling.


Here’s a highlight of what you’ll be able to do with the new changes to Sales Hub.


Prospect Smarter

The name of the game is quality, people. HubSpot's new features help you start conversations that matter and make each outreach count. Their smarter sequences, new lead handoffs, and AI-driven content assistants have been shown to boost deal creation by 12%. Yup, you read that right, a whole 12%.


Accelerate Revenue Growth

HubSpot isn't just adding features; they're amplifying your ability to close. Their new deal inspection and forecasting tools are designed to boost your close rates by up to a staggering 109%. It's like having a crystal ball, but it’s grounded in hard data, not hocus-pocus.


Scale Insightfully

Let's talk reporting, but without the snooze factor. HubSpot's new analytics tools offer insights that can drive real change. Sales Hub users who leverage these reporting features have seen more than 3x the close rates. So, for those keeping score, that's a big win.


What Changed

Sales Hub used to be more of an all-or-nothing product. It was awesome at enabling sales teams, and especially beneficial for those already using other Hubs, but lacked the flexibility to fit in with legacy products. Now, you can better integrate Sales Hub without upending your existing process. No need for a clean slate; you can add layers of capability to what you're already doing.


Improved Sequence Functionality

When sending sales emails through sequences you’ll now be able to A/B test your email copy and subject lines as well as have access to more in-depth reporting and analytics. This means more control, greater adaptability, and a higher hit rate for your sales emails.


Why Does it Matter?

Sure, you've seen countless tools that promise the moon but deliver a lump of coal. They've got flashy features, but when it comes to making them work within your current system, the honeymoon ends fast. 


But here’s why HubSpot's Sales Hub revamp is different—it's no longer a showpiece; it’s the multi-tool you’ll use every single day. So, why does this matter to you, the savvy exec or the overwhelmed marketer?


1. Optimization Without Upheaval

Previously, embracing a new platform like Sales Hub might have meant burning down everything you've built just to start anew. Now, it fits within your existing stack. This means you don’t need to drag your team through the hassle of learning an entirely new system or worry about data falling through the cracks during migration. It’s about enhancing, not replacing.


2. Clarity in Chaos

Let's be real: Sales teams juggle an array of tasks, from lead nurturing to closing deals. A cluttered dashboard or complex sequences can bog you down. The revamped Sales Hub serves up clear, actionable insights. This empowers your team to make informed decisions quickly, which in a high-pressure sales environment, is worth its weight in closed deals.


3. Growth Without Growing Pains

Scalability often comes with challenges, like more data to manage, more tools to juggle, and more headaches all around. Sales Hub now functions as a unified ecosystem that grows with you. It’s adaptable enough to meet the needs of both the solo entrepreneur and the expansive enterprise sales team. It's not just another tool; it's a long-term partner.


4. Tech-Enabled, Human-Centric

Sales is a people business. While HubSpot’s Sales Hub offers an array of new AI-driven tools, these are designed to inform, not replace, the human connection that’s core to any successful sales strategy. You get precise, data-driven insights, yet you retain the invaluable human intuition and relationship-building skills that machines can’t replicate.


5. ROI, Straight Up

At the end of the day, it’s all about return on investment. The updated features are not bells and whistles; they’re proven avenues to amplify your sales efficiency and effectiveness. And when your sales team can function at a higher level without being weighed down by cumbersome processes, well, let’s just say your bottom line will thank you.


Optimizing With AI Tools

Hold on, let's not let the robots take over just yet. But let's face it, we're approaching adapt or die when it comes to using AI in your workflow. HubSpot’s AI features are not designed to replace human touch but to enrich it.


The goal is to save as much time doing manual tasks so you can spend more time connecting with customers and prospects. Think of it as the world's best 24/7 assistant. From better prospecting to nifty new reporting tools—AI is here to make life easier, not to steal your job.


You can look at some of HubSpot's new AI tools here.


Final Thoughts

Look, sales is a tough gig, but HubSpot's new Sales Hub is setting a new standard. So, if you're eyeing scalable growth, optimized outreach, or just need a simpler way to manage your pipeline, this revamped hub could be your game-changer.


From all of us at Web Canopy Studio, we're confident that these new features in the HubSpot Sales Hub are worth your attention. After all, we believe in using the best tools to bring out your best sales game. So why settle for good when you can be great?


Ready to level up your sales? Let’s talk HubSpot.

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