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Getting The Most Out Of HubSpot's New AI Features

Posted by Elliott Sitkins
on September 11, 2023


The buzz around Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn't new, but the conversation has pivoted. AI is no longer a futuristic concept waiting in the wings. It's here, and it's not about replacing human expertise but enhancing it. HubSpot's latest AI tools are perfectly aligned with this ethos. Built into the HubSpot platform, these tools have seamless access to your business and customer data, making them incredibly powerful. Let's dig into how they do this.



Here's a quick run-through of HubSpot's 7 most exciting AI features:


1. Blog Post Generator

Struggling with SEO? The Blog Post Generator will craft SEO-friendly content, meta descriptions, and even select featured images. The benefit? You focus on strategy while AI handles the grunt work.


2. Web Builder Assistant

No more late nights with clunky website builders. Provide basic information about your business, and the Web Builder Assistant creates a professional website for you.


This is great to get a first website off the ground. I can't tell you how many people have waited MONTHS to launch their first website because they couldn't quite figure out how they wanted it to look. Now, you can get your first website up in minutes and make changes from there.


3. AI-Assisted Reports

The Reporting Assistant crafts in-depth reports based on a text description. Rather than spending hours digging through properties and settings trying to build the report you're looking for, just describe what you need and HubSpot will build it for you.


4. Automated Sales Emails

It can draft sales emails for you, leveraging customer data for personalized messaging. You're still the brains behind the operation, but now you've got a very efficient secretary.


5. Streamlined Customer Service

The tools here can automate frequently asked questions and direct complex queries to human operators. So, your customer service team can focus on solving unique issues rather than answering, "How do I reset my password?" for the hundredth time.


6. Upgraded Social Capabilities

Generate social posts directly from the blog editor—making your social media strategy sleeker and more efficient.


7. Campaign Assistant

From landing pages to emails, social posts, and even ads, Campaign Assistant can automate it all. This leaves you free to flex your creative muscles on strategy and innovation. I think marketers will be most excited about this! The potential to build all your campaign assets in just a few clicks will make it so much easier to quickly jump on new opportunities and ideas.


The Bottom Line: AI Isn't Stealing Your Job; It's Making It Better


Let's be crystal clear: HubSpot's AI tools are not about replacing you; they're about making you unstoppable. They're built into your HubSpot workflow and have access to crucial data, setting them leagues apart from standalone AI solutions.


At this point, AI is not just a cool gadget in your toolkit. It’s the Swiss Army knife that complements your skills, refines your strategies, and takes your marketing game to a whole new level. You’re still the general; AI is your artillery. 


Remember, you still need to bring the original ideas but HubSpot's new features make acting on those ideas so much easier. The best part is the more you use them, the better they'll get.



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