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Overlooked Lead Generation Strategies That Cost Almost Nothing

Posted by John Aikin
on August 26, 2019


Today we are going to discuss a digital marketing strategy that you can do for one month that's under $50. Just going to go with those really basic free tools for everyone to use.

Promote yourself, an event, a webinar style event, using organic social. Get your friends to share it. Make your visual assets in Canva, or a similar system that can let you make pretty visuals for free.

Host the event on Facebook live, which is again, free. Put up Linkedin ads or Facebook ads if you're going to host it there. If it's a true inbound campaign, what's a good title of a Webinar? Try telling me three tips to growing your business.

Give it a name that will draw interest. Such as: digital marketing strategies for startups.

I also like using titles that have a slightly negative spin like, three mistakes you're making or why your email marketing strategy sucks and that kind of stuff.

I think it resonates more with people and they have to ask themselves, what does he know that I don't and I want to go check out that Webinar.

Something we do with clients all the time is kicking off an inbound marketing contract, a lot like a quick win campaign. You've got these leads, most of the time, we see your leads aren't being nurtured.

Let's get them out there. Let's warm them up with a lead magnet that includes nice piece of quality premium content like a blog post or in this case, we'll have a Webinar that's going to take place six weeks from now.

Build another campaign that includes four or five weeks of emails going out with all these reminders. You have follow up emails. You have social posts, like a Linkedin campaign will be good with a nice targeted audience.

There's so much low hanging fruit around when it comes to lead generation tactics and strategies such as a Chat Bot on your site. If you're on HubSpot, a pop up form with a call to action, you bringing people to your landing page, make them sign up for the Webinar.

If you make it enticing enough and make it sound like something that they can't miss, you're going to generate interest in the party online and through word of mouth. It does not cost you any money and it can be done in a day.

You're going to get a bunch of new leads and a new email list for other marketing campaigns. Maybe you even get some MQLs out of it, if they stayed through the whole webinar and want to convert.

The worst that's going to happen is you get some new leads or new potential leads. If you record the Webinar and you get no leads, now you have a piece of content that you can then market on its own.

You can build a content marketing campaign and put that recording on a lead generation form. You can make people give you their email address just to see the Webinar that you recorded because you were going to do anyway.

So if I come to you and I'm watching this, most people's concern is centered around quality. I can't afford a camera or a streaming software. Do you have a phone? Do you have Facebook? You're good to go then.

The point I am trying to drive across is you can use your Webcam on your computer or use your iPhone. So that's going to be my strategy is to set aside a half hour every day. So maybe instead of the $50 it's your time. Make sure you have a half hour every day to record yourself with your cell phone.

Just one thought about your business that is sincere and add that same video to your Youtube channel, to your Facebook, and cut a snippet to Instagram. Do that for four weeks and I guarantee you at least get some people to engage with it.

A lot of times people struggle with is the quality of Zoom or video recording isn't that great. They don't want to put a video of themselves out there if it's not sophisticated or not making them look their best. 

I'm going to challenge that all the way from here to the moon because it's like, first of all, it's better than nothing. Like some contents better than nothing just by principal for second of all. People like that stuff. It's like, it's raw. It's authentic.

Like the Gary Vaynerchuk example, he'll grab a phone, grab a 32nd south. He's got a thought between meetings in the hallway and that's how he produces content.

You don't need to be in a high production studio, with a green screen or spending time post editing stuff. Just sit in front of a camera, have a nice background, grab a conference room, grab a coffee and make sure you have a nice shirt on.

That's all you need. People like that stuff. 

I think it's the same argument that people will make for not wanting to have a pricing page. And I think we talked about this in a podcast last week, but you should have a pricing page.

People don't want a pricing page because they think it will scare people away when they see the price, the same way people might not want to film themselves because they're afraid of what people will think of them or see what they look like or how they sound.

But I'd argue that something is always better than having nothing because you're losing out on potential customers. 

You're not going to get the person to buy from your pricing page if they don't know what it costs. They're not gonna want to engage with you as a person if they don't know who you are.

I would way rather somebody look at my pricing page and say, I can't afford that, than to say, wow, there's no pricing page, I'll bet I can't afford this, and bounce. And that's what they'll do. It's what I would do.

If you're putting out good content and someone says, wow, I can't afford this, it doesn't mean they can't afford this later on.

Now they know you're a thought leader in your industry. Now that their business has grown, they will come back to talk with your sales team or even be ready to buy your product or service because they can afford it.



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