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Master Email Marketing With HubSpot

Posted by John Aikin
on April 15, 2024


We get it...

You’ve probably heard just how important email marketing is about a gazillion times already.

You’ve also probably been told how to do it…

…in ten different ways…

…by about a hundred different people.

The truth is, there isn’t a one-size-fits all approach to email marketing that works for everyone.

In fact, if you take that approach, then you’re not going to generate anywhere near as many leads (or as much revenue) as you should be generating.

Which would suck.

But saying that, there definitely are certain email marketing best practices you should follow.

And in this blog post, we’re going to walk you through them.

Oh, and in case the title hasn’t made it clear enough, we’re going to show you how to implement these email best practices in HubSpot.


Why Should You Even Bother To Send Emails In Today’s Day And Age?


Email marketing remains a powerhouse in the digital marketing world, offering direct access to your audience's inbox with personalized, timely, and relevant content. 

HubSpot, a leading CRM, marketing, sales, and service software, provides a comprehensive suite of tools to elevate your email marketing strategy from good to great. 

In this guide, we'll dive deep into how you can leverage HubSpot to its full potential, ensuring your email marketing efforts yield impressive returns.

HubSpot's comprehensive suite of tools can help you take your email marketing to the next level


Exploring the Basics of HubSpot Email Marketing

HubSpot's email marketing tool is intuitively designed to help marketers create, send, and analyze email campaigns that look professionally designed and are personalized for each recipient. 

The platform's strength lies in its integration with the HubSpot CRM, allowing for seamless synchronization of contact information and interaction history. 

This integration means every email sent can be highly targeted based on the recipient's past interactions with your brand, interests, and stage in the buyer's journey.

A key feature of HubSpot's email tool is its drag-and-drop editor, making it easy for anyone to design visually appealing emails without needing coding skills. 

Combined with its rich analytics, marketers can track open rates, click rates, and more in real-time, adjusting their strategies for maximum effectiveness.

HubSpot's drag and drop editor is amazing for designing emails even if you're not a designer


Crafting Conversational and Engaging Email Content

Yes, email marketing is crucial to any B2B business’ long term success.

But there’s a right way to do it…

…and a wrong way.

And guess what?

so many businesses do it the wrong way.

You see, they write emails that sound robotic…

Or, worse, overly promotional…

Instead, your emails must be conversational, engaging, and offer real value to your audience.

HubSpot enables marketers to craft such content by providing templates and customization options that make emails feel personal and relevant.

The key to success here is to write as if you're speaking directly to the reader, avoiding jargon and overly salesy language. 

Use segmentation and personalization tools within HubSpot to tailor your message to different segments of your audience, making each email feel like it was written just for them.

The fact is, knowing how to write a marketing email that converts is key to generating more (and better qualified) leads. 


Maintaining a Healthy Email Sending Domain

Email deliverability can make or break your email marketing efforts. 

HubSpot helps maintain a healthy email sending domain through built-in features that monitor your email health. 

This includes managing your sender reputation by keeping an eye on bounce rates, complaint rates, and engagement metrics.

HubSpot also automatically suppresses unengaged contacts after a certain period, ensuring you're not sending emails to those who are no longer interested. 

This proactive approach to email health keeps your domain's reputation intact, ensuring your messages reach your audience's inboxes, not their spam folders.


Utilizing Personalization Tokens for Higher Engagement

Personalization is a critical component of successful email marketing. 

HubSpot's personalization tokens allow you to customize each email with information from your CRM, such as the recipient's name, company, job title, and more. 

This level of personalization shows your audience that you understand their needs and interests, leading to higher engagement rates.

However, it's essential to use personalization tokens wisely. 

Ensure that your database is clean and up-to-date to avoid personalization mishaps, like addressing a recipient by the wrong name or referencing outdated information.


Implementing Effective Email Automation with Workflows

HubSpot's workflows are a powerful feature for automating your email marketing efforts. 

With workflows, you can set up a series of automated emails triggered by specific actions or criteria, such as downloading a whitepaper, signing up for a webinar, or making a purchase. 

This ensures timely follow-up and keeps your audience engaged with your brand without manual intervention.

Workflows can be customized extensively, allowing for complex sequences that guide your contacts through a personalized journey based on their interactions with your brand. 

The result is a more efficient, effective email marketing strategy that nurtures leads and drives conversions.


Mastering Sales Outreach with HubSpot Sequences

While workflows are ideal for marketing emails, HubSpot sequences are designed for one-to-one sales outreach. 

Sequences automate the process of sending a series of targeted, personalized emails to prospects, helping sales teams follow up more efficiently and consistently.

Using sequences, sales reps can ensure no lead falls through the cracks, as HubSpot will remind them to follow up if there's no response. 

This tool is invaluable for maintaining personal connections at scale, leading to more meaningful conversations and, ultimately, more closed deals.

Sequences are the perfect type of emails for generating more sales

Optimizing Campaigns with A/B Testing in HubSpot

A/B testing is essential for understanding what works best in your email marketing campaigns. 

HubSpot makes A/B testing easy, allowing you to test different subject lines, email content, images, calls to action, and more to see what resonates most with your audience.

By continuously testing and optimizing your emails, you can improve their performance over time, ensuring your email marketing remains effective and engaging. 

Remember, A/B testing is a marathon, not a sprint. 

The aim should be to make incremental improvements that lead to significant results.


Best Practices for Segmenting Your Audience in HubSpot

Segmentation is the process of dividing your audience into groups based on shared characteristics or behaviors. 

HubSpot provides robust tools for segmentation, allowing you to send highly targeted emails that are relevant to each segment's needs and interests.

Effective segmentation can significantly increase the effectiveness of your email marketing, leading to higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. 

Use HubSpot's CRM data to segment your audience by demographics, behavior, or stage in the buyer's journey, and tailor your messaging accordingly.

In conclusion, HubSpot offers a comprehensive suite of tools that can take your email marketing to the next level. 

By leveraging the platform's capabilities for personalization, automation, A/B testing, and segmentation, you can create email campaigns that engage and convert your audience. 

Remember, the key to success is continuously refining your strategy based on data and insights gathered from your campaigns. 

With HubSpot, you have everything you need to achieve email marketing mastery.

Using HubSpot for email marketing can take your business to the next level


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