Introducing Web Canopy Studio's New Support Center!

Posted by Ryan Bell
on March 6, 2017

It's finally here! After many weeks of content writing and GIF creation, I am proud to announce that Web Canopy Studio's Support Center pages are now live. What does this mean exactly? Simply put, you now have access to another resource focused on serving you and ensuring that all of your template needs have been met.

Check Out The Support Center

Or, read below for a quick overview!


Web Canopy Studio support center is launched




We are always building new templates and packs to help streamline your website experience. Here, we lay out our latest work via live examples of our template packs in each template's section.


support center marketplace for hubspot



Our templates and packs come with the most up-to-date documentation around. To walk you through the use of our templates, the Template Documentation portion of the Support Center always have your back.


documentation for templates in marketplace



Open A Ticket

Have a question that isn't answered by the Docs pages? This page is where you need to go to. Simply open a ticket with our support team by filling out the form here.


open a support ticket



Featured Template

Think of this section as a showcase of new content being released. It will be ever-changing as new templates are developed or put on sale.


Most Popular Docs

This section is dedicated to the most frequently viewed doc pages. Chances are, if you have a question about one of our templates, someone else has asked it too. Those questions might appear here.


I'll finish this off by saying just how excited I am to direct you all to the Support Center! Keep in mind, I am more than happy to answer any and all questions I recieve, but I'd say the more resources you have access to, the better! Something you'd like to see in the Support Center? Let us know in the comments! We look forward to hearing from you all.

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