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HubSpot Unveils Secure Customer Data Management in Smart CRM

Posted by Elliott Sitkins
on June 12, 2024

In a major milestone for businesses in regulated industries, HubSpot has announced the release of a new feature in its Smart CRM that allows customers to securely manage confidential data. This update is set to revolutionize how businesses in healthcare, finance, and insurance handle sensitive information such as government IDs, medical records, and bank account numbers.


Securely Manage Confidential Customer Data

Successful businesses rely on data to fuel their growth. However, utilizing sensitive data safely and in compliance with regulations has always been a challenge. In sectors like healthcare, finance, and insurance, companies have often resorted to piecing together various point solutions to get a unified view of their customer, leading to disjointed customer experiences and missed growth opportunities.

Regulated industries are crucial to any thriving economy. HubSpot’s new feature aims to support these industries by providing a robust, secure, and compliant platform to manage sensitive customer data.


HubSpot’s Smart CRM: A Unified, Secure Platform

HubSpot customers can now safely store sensitive data within the Smart CRM, ensuring a complete view of the customer in one place. This update includes compliance with HIPAA, providing strong security and privacy protections for healthcare providers and other regulated industries. This enhancement makes HubSpot’s Smart CRM the most unified customer record system for marketing, sales, and service teams.

Unifying Data in HubSpot Powers Growth Across Industries

The impact of having a complete view of the customer is significant across various industries. Companies can now store protected and sensitive data in HubSpot, leveraging it to automate workflows, connect teams with closed-loop reporting, and create personalized, relevant campaigns.


Benefits Across Regulated Industries

Storing confidential customer data in HubSpot’s Smart CRM offers numerous benefits for companies in regulated industries:


For Marketers:

  • Enhance lead generation by collecting sensitive data with customer consent.
  • Safely segment audiences and send targeted marketing campaigns without workarounds.
  • Power marketing automation with securely handled data.

For Sales Reps:

  • Personalize prospecting with a comprehensive view of prospects.
  • Automate deal management processes that require sensitive data (e.g., loan applications).

For Service Teams:

  • Create a single customer record for help desk reps, ensuring tailored service delivery (e.g., booking and modifying travel itineraries).


Ensuring Compliance and Security

HubSpot’s Smart CRM now allows businesses to better manage legal, security, and regulatory compliance with features like comprehensive audit logging, advanced authentication, inactive session timeout, account security recommendations, and per-tenant application-level encryption. Additional resources are available in HubSpot’s Trust Center.

Support for storing sensitive data in HubSpot is available globally, with additional data types to be included in the coming months. Using HubSpot’s products in compliance with HIPAA is available in public beta, and enterprise customers can enable these features in their Privacy & Consent settings.


Finding A Trusted Partner

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