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A Complete Guide to Revenue Operations Consulting in 2023

Posted by John Northrup
on August 29, 2023

The competitive nature of today's commercial environment has companies continually looking for holy-grail methods to drive sustainable revenue growth, and revenue operations consulting is taking center stage.


You'll be happy to know the hype is worth it!


Around the globe, businesses of all shapes and sizes have been maximizing their revenue by joining forces with expert RevOps agencies, implementing tailored revenue operations workflows and methodologies into their business for data-driven decision-making. 


Want to know more? We'll cover exactly what revenue operations is, how a RevOps consulting agency can get you results, and the 2023 revenue operations trends you need to know right now. 


What is Revenue Operations?


Have you ever noticed how the marketing, sales, finance, and customer success teams all seem to work in silos? It happens even when the company has one clear, overarching goal. As horrible as it is to admit, it's all too common in the business landscape, no matter the industry.


From work inefficiencies costing precious time (think salaries!) to segmented data creating gaps that leave precious leads flying straight under the radar, the saving grace solution is a great revenue operations strategy.


And who better to trust than the industry specialists themselves: RevOps agencies. 


These highly skilled teams know exactly what it takes to harmonize all departments and turn the team into the revenue-generating powerhouse they have the potential to be. The consultative approach takes each and every business's goals, structure, and pain points into consideration and pairs them with real-time data for fail-safe action items that amplify the customer life-cycle, boosts internal morale, and skyrockets revenue streams.


RevOps vs. Sales Operations


If you're thinking: "Yeah, but I already have sales operations...", you will still want to listen up. You could have the best sales operations team around, but RevOps still goes a step further, getting you untapped results. 


Incorporating all revenue-generating departments (including that great sales operations team) offers a perspective that fosters a full-breadth cohesion company-wide.


Whether it is aligning goals, implementing the perfect tools and software, or merging messaging from customer-centric roles to the delivering teams, working as one streamlined unit is a strategy you won't regret. 


Why Do You Need Revenue Operations Consulting?


RevOps is a holistic framework that dives deep into every nook and cranny of the business, making high-impact, data-driven decisions across every revenue stream.


While the simplification of the strategy may seem common sense, it takes some serious skills and expertise to implement it and get it right. That's where revenue operations consultants come in; this is their bread and butter.


RevOps agencies have devoted their careers to helping businesses implement the right strategy. They provide results and transparency throughout planning, execution, and evaluation.


Partnering with a revenue operations consultant doesn't mean you have to start from scratch either - you may have some foundation blocks that you are confident in that you wouldn't risk impacting.


They will analyze your existing processes, identify areas for improvement while considering your steadfast requirements or parameters, and give you actionable items to marry up with your current strategies. The flexibility-to-payoff ratio will leave you wondering why you hadn't worked with a RevOps agency sooner.


Consider bringing in a RevOps agency for revenue operation consulting for times like: 


You're Business is at Capacity


While it sounds like a dream, operating at full capacity without a clear methodology to maintain or scale can leave the business in a worse state. Issues arise, such as over-extended staff or staff retention, compromises on the quality of the customer journey or product, and time monopolized on "getting it done" instead of staying on trend and adapting with the market.


RevOps consultants can find your sweet spot, helping you identify where you need to focus your energy to continue your successful trajectory and mitigate risk to your business reputation and bottom line.


Scaling The Business


Do you have ambitious growth goals and are looking for the most effective way to get there? RevOps consultants can develop a streamlined plan, including acquisition, restructuring, or leadership changes, saving you precious time and potentially costly trial-and-error strategies in the process. 


Defining KPIs and Metrics


Do your key performance indicators feel a little loosey-goosey? Or maybe you're not sure the data you do have is actually useful. RevOps consultants can ensure the right targets and tracking are in place to boost your revenue growth.


Improving Customer Journey


RevOps Agencies are renowned for crafting the perfect Customer Journey, finding just the right balance to create frictionless and personalized touch points while also being tailored to meet your business goals. Nurturing client wants & needs while creating a pathway of CTAs so every interaction maximizes both customer success and conversions.


Implementing New Systems or Tools


If you're looking for a new tool or system like automating your marketing, or a CRM database, it can be hard to know exactly which one you should invest in. RevOps consultants know exactly which systems on the market will give you the best bang for your buck and guide you each step of the way for the smoothest integration process. 


What Do You Look for in a Revenue Operations Consultant?


Trusting someone with your business is a big deal, especially when the partnership is as impactful as revenue operations. So while introducing RevOps strategies is a no-brainer, take your time to ensure you are going into a consultative partnership with the right RevOps agency.


Business Goals


Every business has different needs and pain points, meaning your revenue operations consultant will tailor their approach to suit the business.


Making sure you are clear on your output goals and expectations will ensure everyone is on the same page. You'll want to be confident that you're matched with the right revenue operations consultant with the experience to match your goals.


Growth Stage


Small businesses will be facing different growth challenges than Fortune 500 companies. The needs, steps, and strategies are entirely different, making it essential to align with a revenue operations consultant with ample experience working with other businesses at your current growth stage.  




Make sure you talk to them about the tools you're currently using. A good RevOps consultant will be well-versed with them; if they aren't, this could be a red flag.


You want to choose a revenue operation consultant with tech stack expertise that aligns with the existing tools and software. This sets them up for success in navigating impactful decisions.  


Tracked KPIs


RevOps is all about getting proven results. For accurate measurement, you need proper key performance indicators (KPIs). Making sure your RevOps consultant has quantifiable points to measure against that are well suited to your business and goals will ensure you're aligned for optimal results. 


Reputation and Track Record


It goes without saying that nowadays, checking reviews on reputable websites such as Trustpilot or Google, where testimonials are objective, is imperative. It's fundamental to partner with a RevOps agency with a brilliant reputation and track record for success with businesses just like yours. 


How can HubSpot Help Your Company Implement a RevOps Strategy?


HubSpot has taken the internet by storm! It offers a robust suite of business operations tools focused on customer success, revenue growth, and internal efficiencies across the full breadth of the business. Think of it as the perfect virtual RevOps agency!


Want to know some ways HubSpot will take your revenue operations to the next level? 


Seamless Integration and Data Synchronization


By aligning your team and tech stacks around the same processes and goals, you reduce friction points in the customer journey and the internal workflows and have up-to-date data at your fingertips. 


Customer Relationship Management


A RevOps strategy wouldn't be much if it didn't have customer relationship management at its heart. HubSpot CRM provides a centralized system to manage all customer data, which ensures a single source of truth across all departments and also provides insights that drive strategic decision-making for revenue growth.


Sales, Marketing, and Service Hubs


HubSpot's specialized Hubs – Sales, Marketing, and Service – provide curated tools and features to streamline each department with the overall business goals. These Hubs facilitate affiliation and communication between teams, adopting the integral basis of the RevOps framework. 


Automation and Reporting


HubSpot's robust automation capabilities allow businesses to simplify duplicative tasks for maximum efficiency. When coupled with advanced reporting and analytics features, businesses will have proper KPIs and valuable data to measure ROI & growth.


Education and Training


HubSpot's Academy provides extended training and resources on effectively using the platform and all of its features, giving every business the knowledge to get the most out of the revenue operations strategy implementation.


HubSpot and Customer Success


With lead nurturing, sales activity tracking, and customer retention measures, HubSpot perfectly aligns with the revenue operations strategies of 2023. It provides a 360-degree view of the customer journey for enhanced customer success and revenue growth.


Implementing RevOps on HubSpot


Getting started with RevOps on HubSpot involves some key steps:

  1. Ensuring all teams have a shared understanding of your business goals and adjust to achieve these goals. 
  2. Use HubSpot's Operations Hub to merge all your tools and systems. This Hub allows you to connect your tech stack and synchronizes data across your systems so everyone has access to the same information.
  3. Using HubSpot CRM, set up contacts, companies, promos, etc., that align with your business for a unified and accurate view of the customer journey department-wide.
  4. Utilize the Sales, Marketing, and Service Hubs to streamline the day-to-day operations in line with your overall business goals, such as email marketing or customer feedback. 
  5. Use the HubSpot features and workflows to automate repetitious tasks like emails, follow-ups, task assignments, and more. 
  6. Set up custom dashboards in HubSpot to monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs), providing valuable data into the effectiveness of your new RevOps strategy.
  7. Get the team trained with the HubSpot Academy, and begin using it to its full capacity. Don't forget that revenue operations strategies aren't one-and-done ways to boost revenue - it's an ongoing strategy to continually harmonize your team, improve your systems and processes, and maximize your customer success. 


Supercharge Your Business Growth


It's clear to see why revenue operations strategies have been the go-to for companies wanting to maximize their opportunities for revenue growth and customer success. With our experts unveiling 2023's must-know tips on revenue operations, you can rest easy knowing you have all the details you need to choose the best consulting services fitting for your business and take it to all new levels! 


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