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The Benefits of Lead Scoring For Sales And Marketing Teams

Posted by John Aikin
on March 28, 2024

In the fast-evolving world of digital marketing, understanding and prioritizing your sales leads has never been more critical.

Without it, all your sales and marketing efforts could go to waste.


Because your sales and marketing team will simply be guessing as to who the most promising leads are.

Enter Predictive Lead Scoring:

Predictive lead scoring allows your sales team to speak with high-fit prospects who are more likely to buy

A lead scoring tool (especially an AI-based one) can be a game-changer for your lead generation and revenue growth efforts.

You see, once you've got a great tool in place, your sales team will begin taking a "sniper" approach as opposed to a "machine-gun" one.

Here's what we mean:

Instead of relying on the "numbers game" where they waste time on calls speaking to poor-fit prospects, they'll instead prioritize leads based on high lead scores.

That's just one of the benefits of lead scoring, by the way.

We'll cover plenty more in this blog.

Implementing a lead scoring model can significantly enhance your marketing and sales teams' performance and job satisfaction.

Without one, you're likely missing out on these benefits, underscoring the importance of adopting this approach for prioritizing leads.

The awesome thing is, you're going to discover just how quickly and easily you can improve your lead quality by using predictive lead scoring.

And as you'll see, AI-based lead scoring software will save your marketing team and sales reps a LOT of time and hassle.


The Power of Predictive Lead Scoring in HubSpot

I want to make one thing clear:

We won't be talking about traditional lead scoring in this article...

Instead, we're going to talk about predictive lead scoring powered by AI, specifically through HubSpot.

We have seen marketing and sales teams from all kinds of industries fall in love with predictive lead scoring after using HubSpot's lead scoring tools

As a HubSpot Partner agency, we at Web Canopy Studio have seen marketing and sales teams from all kinds of industries fall in love with predictive lead scoring after using HubSpot's lead scoring tools.

It's why so many people say it's the best lead scoring software they've used.

(And, yes, many of them had previously been doing lead scoring in Pardot, Marketo, and other lead scoring software... so it's not like they said HubSpot is the best lead scoring software without having anything else to compare it to!)

And get this:

Once you've finished reading this blog, you'll never have to rely on traditional lead scoring methods again, which will save you a whole bunch of time.

Thanks to machine learning, the days of guesswork and manual lead scoring will be behind you.

You'll then be able to drive meaningful engagements and experience better (potentially MUCH better) conversions.

So, let’s unravel the benefits of lead scoring and dive deeper into HubSpot lead scoring best practices.


The Evolution of Lead Scoring in Digital Marketing

AI and Machine Learning have revolutionized the lead scoring process, turning what was once a hunch into a data-driven decision-making tool.

If we hop into our marketing time machine and head back a bit, we'll find the origins of lead scoring nestled in the early days of digital marketing.

Back then, scoring a lead was more of an art than a science, with sales teams using gut feelings and basic data to rank prospects.

Their lead scoring systems (if you can even call it a "system") didn't use any data points to determine perfect fit customers.

Sales reps simply hoped their conversion rates would be good enough if they "hustled" more and worked longer hours.

They'd wait to qualify leads on the phone, and they didn't really care if they had to speak to a hundred poor-quality leads before they found a good one.

It was always a "numbers game."

And every sales rep in the world accepted that.

But fast forward to today, and it's a whole new ball game, thanks to the magic of AI lead scoring.

This hasn't been just a minor upgrade for the sales and marketing teams utilizing it.

Instead, it's a seismic shift in how they can now approach understanding potential customers, which in turn helps to generate high-quality leads.


Make Your Sales Efforts Count For Something By Using A Simple Data Driven Approach

AI and Machine Learning have revolutionized the lead scoring process, turning what was once a hunch into a data-driven decision-making tool.

It's like going from a flip phone to the latest smartphone in terms of capabilities and insights.

Of course, in our humble opinion, HubSpot is at the forefront of this revolution.

But they're not the only lead scoring software in the game.

Other leading players are Einstein lead scoring and Marketo lead scoring.

And, yes, each brings its own flavor to the table.

But what sets HubSpot apart in our eyes is not just its use of machine learning and incredible lead scoring capabilities, but how it integrates it so seamlessly into a holistic marketing strategy.

After all, HubSpot is an all-in-one CRM platform that helps you grow your business with marketing, sales, customer service, operations, and content management features.


How To Make The Most Out Of Your Marketing Automation Tools

When you combine HubSpot lead scoring best practices with the other features it offers, it's a safe bet that you'll generate more leads and increase your conversion rates.

We see it as a simple equation:

As soon as you assign scores to your leads with AI-powered lead scoring, your sales team will be able to spend less time wading through poor-fit leads...

And instead spend more time speaking to qualified leads who are much more likely to buy.

Once you've got this in place, your sales and marketing teams will go from acting as separate entities to acting as one unified unit.

Ultimately, the benefits of lead scoring are endless.

And the evolution from manual lead scoring to a sophisticated, AI-driven process is a testament to how far we've already come in digital marketing.


Understanding Lead Scoring:

The Key To Supporting Your Sales Department and Boosting Overall Growth

Lead scoring might sound like industry jargon, and it's why a lot of companies don't do it. 

They assume it will be too complex to implement.

But at its heart, it's a very simple yet powerful concept.

Think of it as a way to rank your leads, like grading them from A to F, but based on how likely they are to buy from you rather than pass a test.

This system helps sales and marketing teams focus their efforts where they're most likely to pay off.

But not all lead scoring is created equal.

Traditionally, this process was somewhat manual, based on a mix of gut feelings and basic interactions, like whether someone opened an email.

Then came predictive lead scoring, a game-changer that relies on data, patterns, and, yes, more than a little help from artificial intelligence.

See, predictive lead scoring doesn’t just look at whether a lead clicked a link.

It helps you ensure better quality predictions by diving deep into behaviors, past sales data, and much more.

Essentially, it gives you a much better idea as to a lead's likelihood to buy at any moment in time.

On top of that, predictive lead scoring offers peace of mind to both your sales and marketing team because there's a much higher chance of them performing better in their jobs.

And who doesn't like better job security?!


Boost Your Lead Scoring Efforts With The Ultimate Lead Scoring SaaS

When it comes to AI lead scoring, there's a whole toolbox of options, each with its own strengths.

As a lead scoring tool (and as an overall marketing tool as well), HubSpot excels.

For instance, HubSpot offers a predictive lead scoring system that's like having your very own crystal ball.

It's not alone, though.

Platforms like Marketo and Pardot have also thrown their hats into the ring with their own versions of AI-powered lead scoring.

Each platform - from Marketo lead scoring to Pardot lead scoring - uses different algorithms and data points, but the goal is the same:

To Make Selling More Efficient.

After all, an AI lead scoring software reduces human error by giving your sales and marketing teams a better idea of who to spend their precious time and budget targeting.

For instance, if a particular lead is interacting with every piece of content you put out, then your sales team would be foolish not to reach out to them.

This is why lead scoring software has become a cornerstone of sales strategies, especially in the SaaS world.

Yet here's the thing:

We've noticed other industries (such as manufacturing) are generally lagging behind the times when it comes to using lead scoring models.

If you're in an industry that isn't yet basing its marketing efforts around scoring leads, then you'll have a massive advantage over your competitors when you start Doing it.


The awesome thing is, it won't take up much of your time at all.

In fact, better than that, you'll actually save a whole bunch of time because your sales team won't be sifting through poor quality leads...

...And your marketing team will be able to use historical data to understand your ideal buyer personas better, which will prevent them from wasting time producing content that attracts the wrong crowd.

In fact, a company that doesn't currently do any lead scoring will still save time even if they start doing manual lead scoring due to the above reason.

So the fact there are so many AI lead scoring SaaS' out there that can sift through mountains of data to find the golden nuggets on your behalf should make it a no brainer for you to get started.

It’s like having a super-powered sieve that knows exactly which grains of sand are worth keeping hold of, and which ones you should let go.


The Dual-Scoring System For Accurate Lead Scores:


There are two scoring systems we like to use in tandem to get an accurate lead score.

These are:

  • Fit Score
  • Engagement Score

There are two scoring systems we like to use in tandem to get an accurate lead score.

The thing is, most companies only focus on the "Fit Score."

Big mistake.

Don't get us wrong, the "Fit Score" is crucial.

And, yes, focusing on this metric and nothing else is still FAR better than not doing anything at all.

But you also want to focus on something known as the "Engagement Score" to make the most out of your lead scoring efforts.

Let's explore both of these score types.


The Fit Score

The Fit Score helps businesses determine how closely a lead matches their ideal customer profile.

This is calculated based on various attributes, such as the industry the lead is in, their role within their organization, and other demographic or firmographic details.

For example, a lead from the manufacturing sector might receive a higher Fit Score if the business' products or services are tailored to that industry.

On the flip side, leads from less relevant industries might receive lower scores (or even a negative score).

This scoring ensures sales efforts are concentrated on leads that are more likely to benefit from and purchase the company's products or services.


The Engagement Score

The Engagement Score measures a lead's interaction with the company's content and online presence.

Actions such as website visits, email opens, content downloads, and clicks on ads contribute to this score.

A high Engagement Score indicates the lead is not only aware of the company but is also interested in its offerings, making them more receptive to sales pitches.

Engagement scoring helps prioritize leads who are more likely to be in the decision-making phase of their buyer's journey, ensuring that sales teams focus their efforts on the most promising prospects.


Implementing a dual-scoring system allows companies to efficiently identify leads that are:
1) a good fit for their products or services
2) actively engaging with their brand.

This approach enables sales teams to focus their efforts on the most qualified leads, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversion and optimizing the sales process.

Plus, by understanding and acting upon these scores, businesses can tailor their marketing strategies to nurture leads with lower engagement scores through targeted content and offers, gradually moving them down the sales funnel.

For high-fit but low-engagement leads, strategies like hosting workshops, webinars, or offering informative resources can enhance engagement and build trust, positioning the company as a thought leader and a preferred solution provider.

The result of this is that you'll have more control over the entire customer journey, warming prospects up through your marketing until they becomes sales qualified leads.

Once you have enough data, you'll then be able to identify patterns in terms of what content attracts the right kind of prospect.

In turn, this will help you generate higher scores over time due to more people opening and engaging with your content.


The Role of HubSpot in Lead Scoring Innovation

When it comes to lead scoring innovation, HubSpot isn't just playing the game...

They're changing how it's played.

Their predictive lead scoring feature helps you see which leads are worth your time and effort.

This integration allows for a level of precision and customization that's hard to beat.

One of HubSpot’s lead scoring best practices is to continuously refine your scoring criteria based on data-driven insights.

This means not just setting and forgetting your lead scoring rules, but evolving them as your business and audience grows.

You'll also be able to refine your criteria after seeing how leads interact with you.

Ultimately, the beauty of HubSpot's system is that it encourages a cycle of learning and adjustment, making your lead scoring efforts more effective over time.

Key Features of HubSpot’s Lead Scoring Software

Diving deeper into HubSpot's lead scoring capabilities reveals a world powered by sophisticated machine learning.

In our opinion, what sets HubSpot's AI lead scoring apart from competitors like Einstein and Marketo is its ability to synthesize vast amounts of data into actionable insights, offering a clearer path to prioritizing leads.

The lead scoring algorithm at the heart of HubSpot's system is where the magic happens.

It examines thousands of data points - from email interactions to website visits - to score leads with crazy accuracy!


The benefits of lead scoring with HubSpot extend beyond just better lead prioritization

HubSpot offers one of the best lead scoring models out there because it focuses on efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately helps you achieve a higher ROI on your marketing efforts.

And let's not forget the HubSpot lead scoring template, which provides a fantastic starting point for businesses new to lead scoring.

This template isn't just a list of criteria....

It's a roadmap to developing a scoring model that aligns with your specific business goals.

In summary, HubSpot doesn't just offer a lead scoring tool...

It offers a fantastic, all-round lead scoring ecosystem.

This ecosystem empowers businesses to not only score leads but to understand them on a deeper level, setting the stage for more meaningful and profitable interactions.

In the world of lead scoring SaaS solutions, HubSpot stands out not just for its technology, but for how it makes that technology accessible and impactful for businesses of all sizes.

HubSpot  Vs Competitors


The AI lead scoring space is filled with different options.

Marketo lead scoring is good.

Einstein lead scoring is good.

But in our opinion, HubSpot lead scoring is phenomenal, thanks to its deep integration within the HubSpot ecosystem, offering a seamless experience from lead capture to conversion.

HubSpot's lead scoring machine learning capabilities take into account a wealth of interactions, behaviors, and patterns to continuously refine and optimize lead scoring criteria.

This dynamic approach ensures that your scoring system evolves alongside your market, audience, and business objectives, embodying the best practices in modern lead management.

Predictive Lead Scoring: HubSpot Is Your New Best Friend

On top of that, the benefits of lead scoring, particularly within the HubSpot environment, extend well beyond mere lead prioritization.

They delve into the realms of marketing and sales alignment, efficiency in resource allocation, and enhancements in customer experience.

Each lead is not just scored...

...but understood in a nuanced way that informs smarter, more targeted engagement strategies, helping you generate leads based on actual data.

The HubSpot lead scoring template serves as an invaluable resource for businesses looking to embark on or refine their lead scoring journey.

This template, coupled with the platform's comprehensive suite of lead score tools, provides a robust foundation from which to tailor a lead score system that reflects your unique business needs and goals.

Comparatively, while lead scoring in Pardot and Marketo does give you robust solutions, HubSpot's emphasis on AI and machine learning, its user-friendly interface, and its deep ecosystem integration position it as a leader in the lead scoring SaaS space.

So whether you're refining existing lead score criteria or developing a new system from scratch, HubSpot's tools and templates offer the flexibility and power needed to make predictive lead scoring a pivotal part of your marketing strategy.


Stick To The HubSpot Lead Scoring Best Practices And You Won't Go Far Wrong

The integration of AI into lead scoring has opened up new frontiers for understanding and engaging with prospects.

With HubSpot leading the charge, businesses now have a suite of tools and technologies at their disposal designed to optimize their lead management processes, enhance their marketing and sales alignment, and ultimately drive greater ROI.

If you follow the HubSpot lead scoring template, both your sales and marketing teams will thank you for it.

Believe us when we say, its lead scoring algorithm truly is fantastic.


"Checkmate" Your Competition Who Are Stuck in The Past

Diving into the world of AI lead scoring and harnessing the power of algorithms to prioritize leads has become a necessity for rapid growth and efficient sales processes.

With HubSpot offering its sophisticated predictive lead scoring and a treasure trove of best practices, businesses are finding themselves at a significant advantage.

The benefits of integrating a robust lead scoring system into your sales and marketing strategies are clear, from heightened efficiency to deeper, more meaningful customer interactions.

Opting for a lead scoring SaaS like HubSpot not only streamlines your lead management but also sets the stage for a more dynamic, data-informed approach to sales.

In a digital marketing world where precision and insight can make or break your growth trajectory, embracing HubSpot's lead scoring capabilities feels less like a choice and more like a strategic move that could "checkmate" your competitors who are not using predictive lead scoring.

After all, they'll continue to waste precious time speaking to leads based on very little concrete data, while your lead scores ensure better quality predictions.

Remember, in the quest for faster growth and a sharper sales strategy, every lead counts.

And with the right tools, you can make sure none slip through the cracks.

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