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Our List of Our Favorite Spa Marketing Ideas: Create An Experience

Posted by Cherokee Lakes
on July 16, 2014


Stress. Tension. These are countermine to the human ideas of rest and relaxation. Your elegant, while welcoming, spa can alleviate these unnecessary cruelties from your customer’s lives - you know this to be true. You also know that business would be rushing in, if only others knew this to be true as well. This post is centered on straightforward and effective spa marketing ideas. Ideas that will provide stress-freeliving, for both your customer’s and your business.


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People LOVE going to the spa

This has been true throughout human history. From the bathhouses of ancient Rome, to the intense satisfaction you get from a hot shower after a long day at work, spas have been immensely popular as a stress reliever. Others view going to the spa as a ritual that goes hand in hand with bridal showers and other celebrations(Remember the bridesmaid’s endless talk of the spa at the last wedding you attended? I bet you do). So why then, do you not have the masses kicking down the doors to your business? It’s simple.

Your Marketing May Not Be Up To Par

To compete with all of the attention your intended customers will be receiving from competitors, you must go one step further than simply offering an amazing time at your spa. You must offer a whole experience, and craft this experience from beginning to end. This includes the first time anyone hears about you, encounters you in web searches, or drives by. Below is a list of several spa marketing ideas focused on delighting your customers from the start to the finish.

1) Invite past customers to share their experience


Before even beginning the process of reserving a date for a new customer, it is important that they are aware of what joys are in store for them. The best way to do this? Have your past customers shout it from the rooftops. Okay, maybe that is not likely to happen. Customers will, however, want to share what a great time they had at your business with others. Means to get these include having a call to action on your website providing an easy way to do so and by making use of social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. The simplest and most effective way is just directly asking your customer. This shows that you are genuinely devoted to your customer enough to care about their experience, as well as provides some easy, free marketing to attract others. Some things to keep in mind when using this approach:

  • Keep the question centered on the customer’s experience, not on you

  • Do not attempt to spoon-feed the answers you want to hear

  • Customers want to feel special; asking for THEIR thoughts will lead to a more heart-felt and truthful response

A glowing, sincere recommendation from a customer is marketing gold. Combine this with the influence of social media, and you have a sure-fire route to the winner’s circle. 

2) Highlight aspects about your spa that you want to publicize
fun spa marketing ideas

You created your business from the ground up. Maybe running a spa has been your passion, or you might have simply seen a need and leaped at the chance to fill that need. Whatever your reasons, your business is an extension of you. It has developed in the direction you guided it towards, and therefore no one knows it like you. You are your biggest supporter. Make others aware of the qualities you know your business to possess. Websites, blogs, videos, brochures, emails; these are all handy tools that can be used to educate your target audience. Have you began using a new line of aromatherapeutic oils that you just know people will love? Send out an email to your address book welcoming them to come try it. Or maybe you recently remodeled, and want to share your beautiful venue with both potential and past customer’s? Create a virtual video tour, and upload it to your site. These are two examples of many that can be used to self-promote your spa. This is your hard-work, and you are proud of it. Let other’s know it.

3) Control the tone
great spa marketing ideas

As the owner, you set the tone of your business. Through wonderful interactions with clients and  excellent spa marketing ideas, the nature of how you conduct business will shine through…..or drown in a dismal shade of lost potential, if you fail to deliver. The following four points will help create a professional, welcoming, and successful perception of your spa.

  • Fill your home on the web with warm, inviting images that draw the crowds in. First impressions stick, and the visuals of your spa will go along way in determining the nature of that impression

  • Have a playlist of calming music to be played during the customer’s stay in your spa? Offer clips of these songs on your website to set expectations

  • Hand out free samples to customers who enter your door. People love free things, and this small taste will leave them eager for more

  • Get involved in the community. Nothing says you care for more than just turning a profit than giving back; there are many ways to run with idea. A few of which include offering free visits to veterans on a specific day of the month or running a promotion where a percentage of the day’s profits are donated to charity

4) Build anticipation starting with the reservation

more spa marketing ideasStay in communication with your customers consistently, not just while they are at your business. Remember, you are trying to build an experience for them from start to finish. After a group has made a reservation, send out material explaining each of the services you offer. This will breed excitement for the upcoming day at the spa; excitement which they will pass on to others.  These “getting ready” packets will show that you care about customers even after you have locked down the sale, and will set up the perfect scenario for you to….



5) Deliver!

new spa marketing ideas

Now it the time for you to treat your customers to an experience like no other. These spa marketing ideas can and will grow your business, but it will all be for naught if you can’t deliver a world-class experience. Make good on all of the great things your marketing campaign has promised the customer!

This is what you do best, and you have the ability and confidence to know you will succeed. Showing customers a time they will never forget is not a problem for you, once you have solidified your marketing. With that in mind, back to marketing 101…

6) Follow up
favorite spa marketing ideas

Amazing service creates happy customers. A practice you should adopt and firmly stick to is to follow up with every spa-goer after each visit. This will reinforce the genuine nature of your company, and prove to them that you are in it for them. A few weeks after their time at the spa, mail them a personalized letter, thanking them for their business. Customers love this! It is also a good time to hit on a few of the ideas above. Ask for feedback on how their experience was. This will not only give you valuable insight on what some of the strong points of your business are, but also will result in genuine testimonials to bring others to your spa. An absolute must at this point is to ask them to join your mailing list, if they are not already on it. The benefit for you is an increase in business, and the customers will love hearing first hand about all the promotions and special you offer!

The after-effect

The result of these spa marketing idea combined with your creativity and will to succeed will drive business to your spa like never before. Always keep the priority on creating an experience for your customer, from their first impression of you, through their grand day at the, and all the way to your grateful follow up after their visit. This attention to detail will be noticed, and your business will grow leap bounds in return.


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