Foundry First: How to implement when it's all said and done

Posted by John Aikin
on April 12, 2018

Congratulations! You have officially completed the Foundry with the experts at Web Canopy Studio. Your Foundry has been presented and now you're ready to start applying all of this yumminess in your HubSpot tool. (Or, you're just now doing some research to see if The Foundry is worth it!)

The Foundry provides golden nuggets that make up the foundation of your inbound marketing campaign. Below I have listed some of the elements that are created just for you that will jumpstart your first three months, they are themed and targeted for a wholistic inbound campaign.

  • 24 blog titles and objectives
  • 48 social media posts
  • New wireframes for your HubSpot website
  • Top of Funnel (ToP) Offer
  • Bottom of Funnel (BoF) Offer
  • Three buyer personas
  • Email workflow
  • Messaging & site optimizing hierarchy

Let's start with your blogs! We recommend you start here because this will take some time and dedication but it is worth it. It is also critical to have good, intentional, and themed content out there. This is one of the backbones of inbound.

You may want to form a small work-group within your firm and assign the titles and objectives to members of the group. Make sure the titles and objectives align with the member's expertise and knowledge. We recommend having eight blogs finalized and scheduled in the HubSpot Blog tool before your campaign starts. It is important to get ahead of your blogs to keep the process efficient during busy seasons as well as give you a buffer if staffing changes or for summer vacations, etc. HubSpot will automatically publish each blog once scheduled. Two blog publishes a week will get you through the first month.

Don't be shy, get social! Now that your blogs are being written and getting scheduled, you'll want to align your social media posts with your blogs and get them out there as well. The Foundry gives you four social posts per week for three months. Get them in HubSpot and start building interest and your social presence. The HubSpot tool allows for you schedule social posts in advance. This is an incredible tool!

Fill out your Buyer Persona information and link to forms. The foundation of inbound marketing are your buyer personas. Web Canopy Studio's experts created three personas for you, based on four weeks of discovery and research. Get those into the HubSpot tool and make sure they are linked to forms in order to let segmented lists. These lead lists are imperative to targeted and effect email campaigns down the road.

Create your content offers. Your site will soon have CTAs, leading people through two offer types. Take the Top of Funnel and the Bottom of Funnel recommendations from Web Canopy Studio and create those offers. These may be a white paper, a guide, or any other valuable offering that nurtures leads.

Update your website. The Foundry gives a lot of guidance and recommendations for your website. Ultimately the social and blogs will bring people to your site. You want to nurture them through the Buyer's Journey. It is very likely that your current website isn't messaged or designed to nurture leads and convert them through the Top of Funnel and Bottom of Funnel offers Web Canopy Studio created for you. It is time to get your design and development team to apply the wireframe, messaging, and calls to actions recommendations from Web Canopy Studio's team.

This must happen quickly and be done in an agile way. You'll want to constantly test these changes and tweaking them. The HubSpot analytics tools will be your guide as you assess and amend your buyer's journey to keep increasing and optimizing your conversion rate.

Now, let's get leads converted through the recommended email campaign. Now that you have segmented lists of leads and valuable content offers on a kick-ass website you can run your first email workflow.

While this may seem like a lot of work ( is...cough), it is WORTH IT. Know your Web Canopy Studio team is on standby to help you.

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