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Lead Gen and Website Performance Soars Since Utopia's Launch

check2 135% surge in website traffic

check2 61% increase in new contacts

check2 153% increase in contacts assigned to Sales team



Utopia Global, Inc. helps enterprise organizations leverage their SAP investments by understanding, fixing, and governing their data. With clean data, enterprise organizations are able to make smarter decisions than ever before.

Utopia came to Web Canopy looking for a new website that had a clean, modern aesthetic and converted web traffic into quality leads.

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The Challenge


Old, Outdated Design

Before starting this project, Utopia hadn't done a website refresh in well over 5 years, so the website had an outdated look and feel that didn't capture the modern, innovative solutions for which Utopia is globally recognized .


Not Optimized for Conversion

The old website had very few CTAs and as a result, the website wasn't converting many inbound leads. There wasn't a clear path for users to follow.


Overwhelming Navigation

The header navigation had an overwhelming number of dropdown options, which made it hard for visitors to get the answers they needed.



The Solution

Our success would ultimately be measured by the inbound leads that the new website could generate. Not only did we want to generate more leads, but higher quality leads.

Beginning with a messaging workshop to deeply understand Utopia's buyer personas, we created a roadmap to make sure that the design, messaging, UX, conversion path, and CTAs all aligned to bring Utopia's target audience to the site - and convert once they got there. 

The new website 



Clarity in Layout and design

The old website used a ton of industry-specific terminology and "jargony" language - and presented it in a really poor way. The density of information was so high that it was hard to read.

So, we made sure the information was presented simply and that the information hierarchy was laid out in a meaningful way.




Streamlined Navigation

We took a lot of time to be thoughtful about the navigation so that our visitors wouldn't be overwhelmed by the options. It meant taking a hard look at the site and see how the presentation could be simplified.




Forrester Calculator Integration

Utopia had the opportunity to leverage their partnership with Forrester Research to build an integration. Forrester hosts an ROI calculator on their site that Utopia prospects can use, and Utopia gets the leads as they come in. 

To do that, we created a hidden field on a form that pulls a UTM tracking code and sends a URL as a query string parameter.



Conversion Points at Every Opportunity

Our priority was to turn site visitors into leads - so we made sure every single page had a CTA that was relevant to the information that was being presented.






The Path To Success


Targeted REference Content

At the bottom of each page, we have that resources section that offers additional content. There are two versions of the module -  one automatically pulling from the blog and one where resources are manually inserted.


CTAs Front and Center

We've got content offers and CTAs strategically placed throughout the site, which provides a more seamless user experience and more conversions across the board.


Keyword-Driven Copywriting

Utopia is speaking to a sophisticated target audience that speaks a very specific language, so we did the keyword research to make sure that the content on the website attracted the right visitors.



how HubSpot was utilized

  • Lists: Segmented their learners using the lists tool as they engage
  • Workflows: Triggered workflows for notifications and nurturing when a form is submitted
  • CMS: Website Pages, Landing Pages, Blog, Design Manager
  • Email: Follow up emails and nurturing emails created for lead engagement
  • Lead Capture: Unique CTAs on all course pages, popups, customized forms
  • Campaigns: Organized all new website activity into campaign
  • Reporting Tools: Analyzing performance using HubSpot's reporting tool
  • UTM Connection with Forrester: This has allowed them to work with their partner Forrester hassle-free by using tools provided by HubSpot. 

The Results


Web Traffic Soars

Website sessions have more than doubled (114% growth) which means more people than ever are finding Utopia's website.


On-Site Engagement Increases

Page views per session and average time on page are up across the board - and bounce rate is down.learnersincreasenewleads


Conversions THrough the roof

Conversions have increased by 61% since the site launched!


Even better, There have been 1039 inbound contacts created in the two previous entire YEARS, and the new website has generated 200 new contacts just in the past 90 days!


Sales Opportunities created

The contacts being assigned to the Sales team has more than doubled over the past 90 days.





"I would recommend Web Canopy to all small- and medium-sized businesses. They are our vendor of choice... They've proven their trusted thought leadership and expertise and most importantly, they've already driven results."

- Tom Martin | Head of Global Marketing

Utopia Global




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