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KP Evolutions Launched a new Service and hit $1.7m arr in 10 months

check2 0 to 1000+ customers in 9 months

check2 Website sessions grows by 633%

check2 1,172% increase in new contacts





KP Evolutions is an audio/video and technology company. When they were ready to launch their wireless internet service, they chose Web Canopy Studio to help them build awareness and get results.

We helped KP Evolutions launch KP Internet into the rural internet market with a new topic cluster, paid ads, and a beefed up automation system in order to increase visits, leads, and revenue. 

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The Challenge

KP Evolutions was launching a new service that was entirely different from their current offerings and wasn’t entirely understood by their target audience.

Their new productized service is called KP Internet and it offers wireless internet to people in rural areas via wireless telecommunications towers.

They needed to first educate their prospective customers and then show them that they could offer better speeds at lower prices. With something this inherently competitive and attractive, we needed to deploy a lot of content, distribute it to the people who’d most benefit, and build a system that would help KP Evolutions meet rapid demand.

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The Solution

Web Canopy Studio developed a topic cluster ahead of the launch to be discovered on organic and paid search and equip the new salespeople with content for their calls. Google ads formed the first paid strategy for people looking to switch from satellite and DSL internet solutions at the bottom of the funnel.

We also made a shift in their local SEO by updating their 70+ listings to include keywords around internet service provider and their geographic service area.

KP Evolutions managed their own Facebook Ads initially, but quickly saw the difficulty in managing their own account and handed responsibility to Web Canopy Studio in Q1 of 2020.

When the shelter-in-place order came through, many people who call East Texas their home had to find reliable internet service to work from home and school from home but without access to fast broadband options.

The calls started to increase and we developed ads for both Facebook and Google to help those people quickly find solutions for their area. We saw an immediate uptick in new leads and the KP Sales team had to expand to handle the demand.

The Path To Success

Here's how we got the go-to-market process to produce the results KP Evolution needed for success: 


Attracting New Contacts

For the launch of the service, we mapped out a brand new pillar strategy to focus on attracting a brand new audience.

Screenshot of SEO

This topic cluster/pillar strategy is called "The Beginners Guide to Wireless Internet" which is centered on terms relevant for understanding the differences between internet technologies and the benefits of using wireless.

Using Ads to Build Awareness

Using feedback from the sales team about the need to work from home, we built ads designed to find working people in rural areas to start the conversation.

Screenshot of Ads _ HubSpot (30)

These ads were discovered, shared, and clicked on at a rate that almost overwhelmed KP Evolutions if not for the automated routing built using workflows..

Automating Sales Opportunities

The more the demand for KP Internet grew, the more their sales team grew. This, of course, led to the creation of territories and the need for routing/assigning leads.

Screenshot of KPI Contact_ New w_ Email and Name Defined -_ Create New Lead Deal & Assign Owner _ HubSpot

The HubSpot workflow tool helped correctly assign the right sales rep, created the deal, and track their progress.



how HubSpot was utilized

  • Lists: Segmented their buyers using the lists tool as they engage
  • Workflows: Triggered workflows for notifications and deals when a form was submitted
  • Paid Ads: Using Facebook Ads and Google Ads, we were able to make the new service easy to find by those looking for new or different internet solutions
  • CMS: Website built on hosted entirely on this platform using one of our in-house templates - LaunchPad Canopy
  • Blogs: Content written to follow cluster model and centered on helping users in the buyer's journey
  • Landing Pages: all TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU landing pages (and forms!) are utilizing HubSpot's landing page functionality
  • Forms: See above!
  • SEO: Topic clusters were created for growth and organization
  • CTAs: Beautiful CTAs developed to match brand, trials, and placed on website pages
  • Campaigns: Organized all new website activity into campaign
  • Deals: KP Evolutions is tracking all deals from the website on the platform and we customized them 

The Results

In just 10 short months KP Internet, as a service, went from zero clients to 1000+ and nearly 1.7 million dollars annual recurring revenue.

During a 6-week period starting in March, we helped them generate 400 new clients. That’s 3-4X their normal monthly client acquisition rate.


Improved Landing Page Traffic

Landing page views have increased overall by 400% since January 2020
Screenshot of Page Analytics _ HubSpot (1)


Improved Closing Rates and Volume of Deals

The KP Evolutions sales team more than doubled their deals won and drastically reduced lost deals
Screenshot of Sales Team Productivity _ HubSpot (2)


Improved Landing Page Conversions

Landing page conversions have increased by about 250%
Screenshot of Website Analytics _ HubSpot (7)


Request for Sales Calls Increased

The number of sales calls started to increase dramatically once we started publishing ads and built a new landing page.

Screenshot of Reports dashboard (22)


Year-Over-Year Traffic Increase

Monthly website sessions are up by 4,090% over this same month last year.

Screenshot of Reports dashboard (21)

High ROI on Paid Ads

With the success of SEM and high-converting landing pages, the paid ad ROI is 2,045%

Screenshot of Ads _ HubSpot (29)-1

Because of the growth, the sales team (which was once just the GM) is now a team of 5 in addition to the GM and they’re looking to hire a 6th.

One of the best stories of impact and growing better is hearing that 7-8 KP Internet clients reported that their jobs were saved because of the quality and consistency of the connection.

"80-90% of all leads have come in through the landing page Web Canopy Studio designed."

- Corey Hooper, GM, KP Evolutions



This account was selected as the winner of the HubSpot Impact Award for North America.





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