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With a brand new website in hand, easymovie launched a robust inbound strategy that delivered immediate results

check2 86% increase in leads generated since site launch

check2 450% increase in organic keyword rankings

check2 More than $200,000 in revenue attributed to inbound marketing campaigns


EasyMovie is a knowledge sharing platform that empowers enterprise businesses to create better business outcomes through employee generated video content. With offices in New York and Paris - and more on the way - they had aggressive growth goals and knew their marketing and content strategy needed clarity and cohesiveness.

EasyMovie Logo 1EasyMovie Topic clusterScreen Shot 2020-09-28 at 4.48.39 PMEasyMovie Pop UpEasyMovie Pillar Page


The Challenge

When EasyMovie came to Web Canopy Studio, their marketing wasn’t in harmony, and they weren't generating inbound leads. Multiple team members used different email platforms and created their own messages without aligning around a core message. There was no lead nurturing funnel, and the team’s efforts were directed at making noise online to gain awareness, and email campaigns were confined to cold outreach.

EasyMovie ultimately wanted to get the attention of c-suite prospects, another piece of the challenge. With some internal knowledge sharing as the EasyMovie marketing team grew, they discovered that HubSpot would be vital in creating a website that speaks to the core messaging. It would also allow them to generate and automate an inbound lead process. They searched and interviewed certified HubSpot vendors and found they’d be able to accomplish everything they wanted with Web Canopy Studio.


The Solution

Our teams created clear goals and mapped out each step needed in a strategy that would result in more qualified leads and sales. 

The content pillar strategy focused on SEO-specific targeted keywords. A combination of high ranking blog posts, lead magnets, and masterclasses have turned the EasyMovie website into an inbound marketing operation that sends qualified leads to the sales team. 

There was a time when no one was filling out EasyMovie's web forms. Users are now converted, nurtured, and asking to speak to the sales team! These leads are credible, qualified opportunities that make closing sales more effortless than ever before.

The Path To Success

Here's how we leveraged HubSpot's tools to produce the results EasyMovie needed for success:


A Cohesive content Strategy

Prior to the website's launch, we build a robust content strategy in the form of two topic clusters, "The Complete Guide to Enterprise Knowledge Sharing" and "How to Shift Company Culture through Structured Video Storytelling."

EasyMovie Topic cluster


Turning website Visitors Into Leads

Now that the content strategy was attracting the right audience, we knew we needed a juicy TOFU lead magnet in order to get them to convert. 

Enter our premium content: an eBook, 100+ Prompts to Drive Knowledge Sharing through Video

100+ prompts eBook







Becoming Industry Thought Leaders

With new leads converting daily, we created several MasterClass campaigns using the Zoom integration to bring expert insights into key challenges that EasyMovie's personas were facing. 

The result? More than 700 registrations, including 200+ new contacts!



Lead generation has been up across the board, but we know that's only half the battle. We knew we needed to build a system that nurtures those leads into sales opportunities by building a mapped Buyer's Journey and using HubSpot's tool to automate the process.


The Buyer's Journey

Once a contact downloads a lead magnet, they are entered into a drip campaign that follows up the premium asset with actionable insights, additional resources, and a path to speaking with an expert.


Lead Nurturing

From there, they were placed into a robust 90-Day Nurturing Workflow that offers up additional premium content, blog posts for further reading, MasterClass recordings, and more.


Lead Scoring

Using HubSpot's lead scoring tool, we were able to measure both our HIGH FIT and HIGH ENGAGEMENT contacts.

Once they reach a score of 45, they are then automatically converted to a Marketing Qualified Lead and enrolled in an MQL workflow in order to get them to book a discovery call.


Sales -> Marketing Handoff

The MQL workflow is designed to get our leads to schedule discovery calls with the Sales team. And it's doing just that! 

Anyone who completes the MQL workflow without booking a call is then assigned to an EasyMovie BDR whose job at that point is to reach out through emails and phone calls to open up a sales dialogue.





Hubspot integrations

HubSpot's ability to integrate with other SaaS platforms has been critical to our success. Using the integration tools, we've been able to connect our efforts with other mission-critical software so we've got all our information in one place.



Through each of our MasterClasses, we've used with GoToWebinar or Zoom so we're getting insights into who's registering for the events, who actually attended, and what questions they asked during the presentation. This information is super important for our follow-up campaigns so that we are sending the right message to the right people.



We use DataBox to check in weekly with our main KPIs and see where we are against our goals. It's super important to be transparent and accountable when it comes to marketing and website performance!



EasyMovie's Sales team uses SalesForce to track their deals, revenue, and leads. We use HubSpot's robust integration so that critical data is synced between both platforms so that the Marketing and Sales teams are totally aligned. 

The Results


Keyword rankings

Using SEMRush, one of our favorite tools, we're able to see that EasyMovie is up more than 450% over the past two years in keyword rankings (and still climbing!)

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 8.47.34 AM


Specifically, we've been able to use the topic cluster and pillar pages to to rank on Page One for terms like, "enterprise knowledge sharing," "advantage of knowledge sharing culture," and "knowledge sharing platform." These keywords will be essential to bringing quality traffic to the website!


inbound leads 

Inbound leads have surged since the website launched, with more than 86% increase over the prior period. On top of that, our all-inclusive marketing strategy has attracted leads through many different channels: organic, direct traffic, email marketing, social, paid ads, and more!


Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 8.38.21 AM

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 8.39.26 AM


Increased BLOG traffic

A weekly blog publishing schedule has enabled us to share our content across all channels to increase EasyMovie's authority on these topics, as well as build upon our SEO successes.

As a result, we've built a library of valuable, topical, informative content that is serving both our audience and search engines.


And the numbers speak for themselves!

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 8.48.13 AM


Deals Increased Since Site Launch

Deals Closed Won is up 47% since the new website launched! This is a testament that the inbound marketing campaign is brining not only more leads to the Sales team, but the right leads.


Revenue-Influencing Masterclass campaigns

The MasterClass series we've run, which have been essential for lead nurturing, lead generation, and creating sales conversations, have directly influenced more than 10 deals for over $450,000. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 1.00.03 PM

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 1.00.14 PM



"I would recommend Web Canopy Studio absolutely, without a doubt. When it comes to value, the return on EasyMovie's investment is exponential... It's a no brainer.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Web Canopy.
And I have!"

- Ryan Harrivan, EasyMovie




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