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What is a cost effective startup company marketing strategy?

Posted by John Aikin
on July 19, 2019




How can you start digital marketing in a cost effective way?

Let's say you have a low budget as a small business and you're trying to grow your business. What's your move? That's the draw to inbound digital marketing, it's very cost effective and you can start at an early stage.

You're not paying for these big fancy ads. You don't need to buy TV spots, you don't have to do any of that stuff. It's really just creating good, premium content that's driven by keyword research and creating conversion opportunities on your site using media strategies.

A recent post I saw on LinkedIn said, "I'd rather have a million friends over $1 million dollars because that network is worth more than anything."

People with this mentality are constantly pumping out content, and it's all part of a smart, cost effective, marketing campaign.

It's good to encourage startup's not to just concentrate your focus on blog strategies, but also to focus on constantly putting out content through social media marketing. Put it out there, put out a new Instagram page, put it on LinkedIn, it's all about creating.

Spread the word and create the content. It doesn't cost you anything other than a few minutes of your time. You're going to start building relationships with them and see people engage with your brand.

They see you as a thought leader, and in their eyes they see a person that knows what they're talking about. And if you do it right, you're going to start converting leads.

Everyone has a phone in their pocket. Just getting started is half of the battle. It's a great time to get started on digital marketing for a startup.

There are so many tools out there and one of the great things about digital marketing is that you don't need access to a large sales team to get ad space.

You don't need the kind of money it costs to buy a billboard. You really just need to be willing to put in the time to get yourself online and get yourself out there.

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