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SaaS Website Templates to Grow Your Business

Posted by Liz Mac Intyre
on August 17, 2023

SaaS is one of the fastest-growing industries and is expected to continue to grow exponentially. In 2022, the SaaS business space reached over $170 billion, and the industry increased almost 500% over the last seven years. According to Fortune Business Insights, from 2021-2028, SaaS businesses are projected to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 27.5%, reaching a total of 716.52 billion by 2028.


All these fancy numbers mean one thing, SaaS is big business and is only growing.


It's obvious that there is a lot of potential in the industry. But with potential, comes competition and it's easy to get lost in a saturated market.


The key to standing out and getting customers is with a high-performing SaaS website.The best way to achieve these results is with a SaaS website template.


The best SaaS website templates will have the ability to to house the complex features associated with their services. The key is looking for SaaS website templates that enable businesses to grow their brand and create an engaging online presence. These templates will allow each individual company to create, customize, and quickly add key elements that guide users and turn them into leads and sales.


What is a Template?


Could be a theme, a module, or anything that you can buy to increase the functionality of your website. For HubSpot users, it’s anything that can be purchased from the HubSpot Template Marketplace. 


Templates help to speed up the design and development process for a new website by providing you with all the building blocks you need to create a great looking website without knowing code.


What to Look for in Your SaaS Template?


Finding a SaaS website template that meets your company’s specific needs can be incredibly difficult. 


There are several options, and you want to make sure you find a professionally designed template that offers a highly customizable and modern design. The SaaS website template must allow you to showcase your products and services, grow your brand, attract new customers, and nurture and secure leads for your SaaS company. 


Two main features are essential to your SaaS business's success: an appealing and functional design and the ability to navigate successfully. Below are some key aspects to look for within each feature. 


An Appealing and Functional Design

Customers expect your website and initial landing pages to look good and to work correctly whether they’re on their phone, computer, or tablet. If your SaaS website doesn’t look good or function properly, it can result in high bounce rates and low click-through rates, which can significantly affect your search engine optimization. SEO will affect where your website lands on search engine results pages and can affect your company's overall success.


To help grow your business, ensure your SaaS website template has the following software elements:


An Excellent Theme

An excellent theme must enable you to customize your site to meet the needs of your company and its customers. Creating and editing your SaaS website should be simple and intuitive.


The design options should be clean and appealing to your target audience. They must enable you to showcase your brand's logo and provide heading features that allow for essential SEO techniques that will help your search engine results ratings.


A good SaaS theme will allow you to embed high-quality videos and images without reducing the quality. Ensure that uploading high-quality pictures and videos will not significantly reduce your template's page load speed, because this will also affect bounce rates and search engine optimization.


The Template Functionality

Once you determine that you can use the software program to build a beautiful-looking website, you want to ensure it will also be highly functional.


SaaS website templates must be flexible and allow you to incorporate different types of calls-to-action. A call-to-action, or CTA, entices customers to perform steps that keep them moving through the subscribing and buying process and significantly increases the success of businesses.


For example, flexible layouts will allow you to incorporate a free trial option that would grab your customers' attention and entice them to try your services, thus increasing your conversion rate.


Finally, you want to find marketing software that contains conversion-tracking elements that enable you to track conversion rates for various CTAs and landing pages. Consistent tracking helps guide marketing efforts based on the design, wording, and CTAs that have the most success with your target audience.


Ability to Navigate 

Easy and intuitive navigation is an essential feature of a SaaS website. Users must be able to find where they need to go without the frustration of searching.


Look for a landing page that has a clean and responsive layout. Your SaaS landing page must allow customers to find the necessary information on the required products and services and other related content that may interest them. It is essential to ensure that your visitors never have to search or spend time scrolling for where to purchase your products.


Ensure that your SaaS website template is mobile friendly. A mobile friendly site means your viewers can easily browse your site on their desktop and any mobile-friendly device, such as a cell phone or tablet.


Finally, make sure that the page builder will allow you to add an area where customers can easily access customer service. Customer services areas are essential for any professional website and will significantly improve the customer experience and overall customer satisfaction.


Benefits of Using a Template for Your SaaS Company 


Using a website template to build a website is common practice for many companies. Even professional website designers often utilize templates for projects with low levels of customization. As templates become more commonplace, more options are specific to the types of products and services the website wishes to sell, making them even more effective.


SaaS Website Templates Save You Money

Building a website is an investment, and hiring a professional website builder can get expensive. The cost to build a website ranges from $10k+ for a smaller business and $50,000+ for a fully customized enterprise website. 


With a professionally built website running you anywhere from $10,000-$50,000+, the benefit of templates is their ability to make do-it yourself services easier. You can buy a complete theme to take away the need for custom development. You can hire an agency to only take care of copywriting for you, or just to handle one-off development projects rather than an entire website. You can even look for theme packages that include coaching, training, and support.


Utilizing a SaaS website template will help reduce these costs because they allow customers to quickly design a professional website without the added expenses of significant hours contributed by a web designer.


SaaS Website Templates Make Website Edits Easy

SaaS website templates also allow users to add new features easily without redoing significant code. They allow you to make header changes and CTAs to ensure your website has search engine optimization and excellent conversion rates.


Full rebrands can even be performed without having to redo your entire website. Editing with a website template is infinitely more convenient than a custom-built webpage.


SaaS Website Templates Ensure Compatibility

When a quality template is selected, they will ensure your website is compatible with multiple browsers and devices.


A professional website will allow users to seamlessly switch from a mobile-friendly version to a computer browser. The compatibility will enable your company to reach a larger audience and ensure the best user experience.


Check Out Some of HubSpot's Template Marketplace! 


HubSpot has an amazing collection of themes and modules that offer excellent designs and functionality. These designs give the ability to make your website easy to navigate and improve the user interface for your customers. In addition, they will also assist with marketing initiatives and help you hone in and improve marketing efforts. 


Check out some of HubSpot's themes such as Entertainment Studio and Consult Studio to reap the benefits of easy website editing, compatibility, reduced website costs, and marketing insights today!


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