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Marketing Dilemmas: Why Do My Clients Prefer My Competition over Me?

Posted by Tammy Lakes
on February 18, 2015


Competition in the business world is fierce. Now, more than ever before, the ability to reach out to millions of people is incredibly easy. So why does it seem that your competition is gaining more clients, even clients that you use to have?

It is time to evaluate your marketing strategy and research what is working and not working for you and the competition. Of course, it is okay to look at your competition; this will give you a base to start the restructuring process and give you a competitive advantage. So, if you find yourself asking, "Why do my clients prefer my competition over me," It is time to find out exactly why!

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Out With Outbound Marketing

The ways of traditional marketing are not enough to give your company the boost in leads you need. 

Cold calling through a list of people you bought is time-consuming and has a low percentage of qualified leads. These factors make for a poor ROI.

You think you are doing the right marketing by sending emails. Utilizing technology and by integrating these emails into your marketing strategy is supposed to be profitable, right? WRONG! If you are like most people, such emails are quickly deemed SPAM and are sent directly to the trash unopened.

Outbound marketing is disruptive, obnoxious, and often times overlooked with little to no return on your investment. This type of marketing is not client-centric.

Change your way of thinking and I bet you will notice that your competition already has.

In With Inbound Marketing

You have probably heard the phrase ‘inbound marketing’ several times. If I had to guess, I would say your competition is already using it.

It is time for a change - to increase your ROI by working with a more effective marketing strategy.

Inbound will allow you to reach a much broader audience, narrowing to your ideal client.

Did you know that over 75% of decision-makers would much rather receive information in a series of articles instead of through SPAM, advertising, and cold calling.

Think about how you like to receive marketing information from other businesses. Use this to your advantage. Inbound means just that: inbound clients; you are bringing your clients in to you by offering them guidance and information and earning their trust.

Prioritize Your Persona

Make your persona the number one focus. How do you do this, you ask? Follow the rules for inbound marketing or ask for help from an expert in this industry, like ourselves.

First, understand your persona, what is the ideal client you want to attract. Now that you have attracted them to your website, you should follow through with the next few steps.

Each step: Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight all have a place and procedure when it comes to making inbound marketing work for you.

What does this all mean? Inbound marketing is the process of attracting strangers, converting the now visitors into leads, and converting the leads to customers. Clients that love the work you have done and trust your expertise will be your biggest promoters.

A few inbound marketing tips to get you started.

  • Create and target a buyer persona.

  • Publish remarkable content.

  • Leverage your content

All of these actions are sure to increase your client base and put you and your company ahead of the your competition!

“Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” ~John Buscall


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