Growth Driven Design And Conversion Rates

Posted by John Aikin
on June 17, 2015

You did it! The year is halfway through. But are you on pace to meet your 2015 goals? 

Looking at your revenue and profit is not the only way you should go about it. Your rates of conversion and leads should also be factors to consider.

Rate of Conversion

First, let’s take a look at conversion rate. Our friends at Hubspot say the average conversion from a visit to a lead is 5%, while conversion from a lead to a customer is 2%. So?

Let’s say your goal is to get two customers per month. To achieve this, you would need at least 100 leads and your site would need around 2,000 visits each month.

Numbers you should look at include your average revenue per client in relation to the goals your business or company has.

If your goal is to see a $500,000 increase in revenue this year and the average monthly revenue per client is $10,000, you would have to get around five to ten new clients. This is assuming the new clients won’t all sign up January 1.

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Converting Leads

Potential clients do not spontaneously materialize; you have to actively draw them to you.

Not every visitor will be ready to engage the moment they visit your site, and not every lead will be ready to sign on right away.

However, you do not want to see an increase in visitors if they do not have the potential to become qualified leads.

I understand that these numbers might seem a little daunting, but that’s where a strong growth driven design website and relevant content come to play.

Growth Driven Design And Content

Looking at your conversion strategy from a content and social standpoint is extremely important.  However, leaving out your overall website strategy is going to harm you in the long run.

It’s not all about overusing your keywords to make sure you are a top choice to potential visitors. You want to use keywords in a way that comes natural to your content; likewise, your strongest keywords need to be used throughout your website in the right places.

Otherwise, you’re performing an SEO no-no, and will possibly end up getting your site punished in search results.

Your user’s experience should be driving your decisions as your site is being developed.  This is also a part of having an optimized GDD website. Just trying to get clicks on your site should not be your goal.

You should focus on having your site’s conversion strategy act as an evolving lead generation machine, function enough that it should bring in visitors who will stay and interact with your website - not just your blog.

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