5 Easy Hacks To Win More Business On Your Website

Posted by John Aikin
on April 4, 2017


Every day we deal with automated recordings and responses via phone or email. I may be wrong, but I think we can all agree that this is just beneath “Monday mornings” on the list of things we all hate. Taking that a step further into the 2017 world of marketing, we now have a heavy entrance on AI, chat bots, VR/AR, and more automation into the marketplace.

It's been a trend in the marketing world lately to automate as much of that process as possible; we frequently ask ourselves, "how do we, as a business, reach more people without having to dedicate time and energy to the actual acquisition of the attention?"

We are huge fans of implementing these AI tools and resources (I think you have to be in order to compete in this industry today). However, the automation and content might help bring people to you - but the personalized/human touch is what will seal the deal for you.

People choose to search, shop, and disconnect online because its convenient. When it comes to representing yourself online, it is vital to appear, and actually act, as personable as possible. Let people know they’re dealing with actual human beings who, like them, would also rather not be put on automation.

Here’s our list of 5 Easy Hacks To Win More Business On Your Website.

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winning more business online

What better way to show people that you’re human than by being consistent in your communication, your brand, and your message? Being consistent gives your customers the notion that you live a routine life just like them. Start reaching out to your customer base on a very regular basis. Try treating them on Facebook every Wednesday afternoon, for example, with a free piece of value in information (after all, you’re the expert in your field, right?), or maybe have regular Skype, Google Hangouts, or Zoom meetings inviting your clients to jump in to answer any of their questions. Routinely interacting with your audience, and even consistently operating with integrity, will make your business more appealing to the average businessman/woman. They’ll have troubles relating with your business if your behavior is unpredictable.


Share Your “Success” Story
guide to winning more business online

It’s in our human nature to cheer for the underdog. We have a natural attraction to stories that show people overcoming obstacles and achieving success when the odds are against them. Pick a project or client that has helped you grow your business, and blog about your experience with them. Write about some of the most visible and successful projects you have to date, and how that has catapulted you to where you are. Our case studies are the bread and butter of our company. All of our potential clients need to know that we are a legitimate source of SEO knowledge and traffic generation. So, we put it in the forefront of our business to let it shine beyond all of our qualifications.


Meet Customers Where They Are
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If you physically cannot meet with your client, you need to virtually meet them. People today are very visual buyers. If they can’t see you and don’t understand you’re not some corporate front for a business in a foreign country that they don’t trust, you’re not going to win their business. You need to virtually meet with them. Grab your camera and record a video of yourself introducing your company. Even an iPhone works just fine for this kind of thing. Put it to music, and you’re set! Free software is available to edit (and likely already on your computer). The more you place your personal appearance online and make your company people visible to the public, the more they can feel comfortable with giving you their business.


Respond To Criticism And Customer Reviews
ideas for winning more business online

If you’re anything like me, it can be difficult to accept criticism from others. But when you see criticism from customers as a way to remedy a situation (likely preventing the blasting of your company in forums or review sites) and possibly even being a source of referral, you’ve now created an opportunity. We have to keep in mind that we can’t please everyone. People will have bad things to say about your company. When they do, make sure you’re there to greet them with a warm welcome, responding immediately (no automatic messages!), and addressing all concerns.

It's important to address the emotional concerns present as well as the facts of the situation. If you aren't careful and address only the specifics you may find yourself in the right and completely wrong at the same time. Further, do your best not to be or sound defensive. This is different from defending yourself, your organization, or your employees. Again, there is a difference between explaining or giving reasons and making excuses. 


Demonstrate Care For Others
winning more business online for your company

I highly recommend establishing connections and relationships with organizations that serve the people, or that have a good reputation in caring for others. People like to know that companies are not just there to make a profit. Acknowledging a local or national, humanitarian institution can go a long way for your business, and it’s helping a great deal as well. When people see that you’re socially and economically conscious, they will start to view you as less of a “business” person, and more of a “people” person. Try running a campaign for a month or so in which you donate 15% of every purchase to a charity or nonprofit of your choice. Try getting in touch with the charity personally and asking if there’s any way you can team up on a project together – then write a press release about your project. This is free advertising, with great intent and outcome.

In the most simple of terms, “people” want to do business with “people” and not some robotic organization run by automation. The most personable companies keep their customers at heart, and make sure that all of their procedures and functions online reflect them as people. 


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