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2 Unique Online Marketing Strategies that can Increase Qualified Leads

Posted by John Aikin
on July 8, 2014


Strategies for bringing in new online clients are constantly evolving and growing. If you are to adapt to this limitless trend, then you will have to understand certain methods are needed for action. Since these strategies are constantly moving with each search engine algorithm update, you will need to stay current in order to remain successful and hopefully  increase qualified leads for your organizaton.increase qualified leads

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Web 2.0 Backlinkingincrease qualified leads for business

The first strategy is undoubtedly something you’re not taking full advantage of, or else you would likely be enjoying a mai tai on a beach somewhere right now instead of reading this fantastic article by yours truly. This online marketing strategy is undoubtedly a key factor in developing your web presence. This article just scratches the surface of where it can go.

A Web 2.0 backlinking plan is highly important for any website seeking to reach their full potential in search engine rankings. With proper administration of a Web 2.0 link building strategy, you will be able to quickly interconnect all of your sites that operate on the Web 2.0 platform such as your blog, article publishing service, and even your Twitter account. This tight-knit traffic network will ultimately create a steady flow of unique visitors that already desire what you’re offering.

To get started in building a Web 2.0 plan, consider building a profile/page on as many of the sites that are applicable in this great list of the top 15 most popular Web 2.0 sites compiled by the folks at EbizMBA. Simply having a profile, and actively linking to your website from those profiles, is a great start. I understand it doesn’t seem like much. But, in the long run when matched with the other efforts in this article, it can pay off big time.

The next step is to start posting relevant content on each of these sites. I know, I know, easier said than done. So maybe take a few days, come up with an awesome content creation game plan, and then get back to this. We’ll wait.

…Back already? In order to get this online marketing strategy to start working, we need to start interlinking the sites by sharing content and sending customers to our different Web 2.0s based on what kind of information they are interested in. This is like social sharing on steroids. Instead of just sharing information on social sites and hoping someone clicks on it, we are using our different Web2.0s to convey awesome information, and linking between them in a cycle of pure awesomeness. However, the kicker is making sure your content isn’t super boring, or super irrelevant – it has to be hot. If it’s not, this system lacks. The worst mistake you can make is to try and be so vague by marketing to everyone – market to your specific audience only. Get creative with it. The overall goal is to start getting people to share your content, and to post your content on their own profiles or in comments.

A quick example: Create a post on your Tumblr blog about something relevant to your niche. In your post, link to a Flickr album you’ve created, a Wikipedia article about your company, your yelp page, etc. Then using Twitter, send out a tweet to all of your followers about the Tumblr post. Starting to make sense? The more you interlink your posts, articles, profiles, and pages, the more benefit you will receive. It’s not just about your website! I can’t stress that enough.

Social Bookmarkingbookmarking to increase qualified leads

The second strategy that you’re likely avoiding when it comes to bringing new clients to your business website is the use of social bookmarking. Social bookmarking differs from typical website bookmarks because you are able to keep a public record of your favorite websites. You will be able to easily access and share them with others by simply tagging them in posts and updates. This is a great strategy for getting speedy access to relevant traffic sources that will convert to clients. Not only will your content be more visible to the public, but your website rankings will rapidly grow through the use of social bookmarking.

Another quick online marketing strategy on to building backlinks through social bookmarking is using Wiki links. Many search engines and ranking algorithms love to use Wiki links because they are free from spammers and advertisers who just want to quickly push their brands. So if you are able to strategically make your way into various Wiki websites, then you will gain a powerful trust with your readers along with search engines through these very influential backlinks.


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