2 Advanced HubSpot CMS Editing Techniques

Posted by Joe Rapier
on May 4, 2018

You've been editing your site, but you've run into a few problems and need help. Here are 3 techniques for editing problems that aren't so obvious to solve. We'll cover:

  • Removing extra space between lines of text
  • Changing your global header and footer

Removing Extra Space Between Lines of Text

There are two possible problems to solve here.

  1. The line height is too large
  2. A new paragraph has been created

To fix the line height, you'll want to go the rich text editor menu and click on "Style" at the top. A menu will open and you'll see an option for line height where you can adjust the spacing to your liking. You'll only notice this problem for text in a single paragraph. If you haven't pressed "Enter" or "Return," you know you're still in the same paragraph.

Let's say you did press "Enter" or "Return" to get a new line of text, but you wanted that new line of text to appear directly below the previous line of text with no space. This one can be tricky to solve if you don't already know the answer, and it's hard to search for an answer. Here's what you need to do: instead of pressing "Enter" or "Return," you need to press "Shift" + "Enter" (or "Return"). This will remove the space. All paragraphs have space below them by default, and you cannot remove this without CSS. To get around this you are creating a line break within the same paragraph you were already writing in.

Change Your Global Header or Footer

To do this, go to the Website Pages tool and edit any webpage that includes the header or footer you want to change. For any other element, hovering over and clicking is enough to edit. With global elements however, you'll see a large lock icon indicating you're locked out. If you look closely, you'll also notice there is a small black box to the left that says "Global Group" with an arrow. Clicking on this will take you to the Design Manager. You'll notice there are lots of pieces, but they won't look like your site. That's okay. To know what you're editing you can either use the labels to guide you, or use your site to see the number of columns and compare the column you want to edit to the column in the Design Manager. Once you find the module you need to edit, click the gear icon and then click "Edit Options." Then you can the module just like you would in the Content Editor.

If you're trying to edit your menu, be aware you might not always be able to edit the menu this way depending on whether your developer built it with a Simple Menu module or an Advanced Menu module. If you can't edit the menu from the Design Manager or the Content Editor it means it's probably an Advanced Menu. To edit this go to Content -> Content Settings and then in the sidebar to the left click Advanced Menus. Now to the right you'll see a drop-down menu to select the menu you want. Select it, and then you'll be able to edit your menu.


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