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Tritonwear redefines their brand and experiences a huge boost in new qualified leads

check2  Nearly 4x new leads 6 months after site launch

check2 Qualified traffic grows by 59%

check2 105% increase in deals closed since launch of site


winner of the hubspot impact award


Tritonwear is a swimming technology startup that is disrupting the marketplace for swim training products. When they were ready to take their marketing to the next level and truly grow their revenue, they chose Web Canopy Studio to help them break down barriers and get results.

We helped Tritonwear redefine their message, implement conversion rate optimization strategies, and redesign their overall brand look in order to increase visits, leads, and revenue. 

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The Challenge

Tritonwear faced many challenges when coming to Web Canopy Studio:


Competitive Landscape

Tritonwear is on a mission to completely change the game for athletes who swim competitively.

One of their biggest problems is the same as any new product that aims to disrupt an existing market — product awareness.

How do you make waves in a competitive search industry that is dominated by the likes of Under Armour, Nike, Fitbit, and other huge names that offer similar (but far inferior) swimming technology products?

This was an issue they knew they were facing, and a task we knew we'd have to take on. 


Company Positioning

The company was also struggling to clarify their message and identify how to talk about their product.

Were they a SaaS business? Or were they an athletic product?

How did the market see them, and where was their place in that market?


Lack Of Leads

Over the few years the site had been active, they were able to start bringing in some leads. However, those leads weren't great, most were direct traffic (meaning not found via search), and they didn't have a process in place for nurturing those leads once they came through.

In fact, many of those leads had heard of them through word of mouth or had seen a demo at some kind of show or conference and were just looking for pricing, which was not an easy task.

Tritonwear was missing major opportunities on their visitors by not having the ability to convert top of funnel traffic. Having primarily only bottom of funnel calls to action eliminated the ability to capture leads as they came to the site, meaning only a very small percentage of site visitors were actually captured as a lead generation opportunity.

For a business of this nature to succeed, an emphasis must be placed on a strong lead generation funnel, a nurturing method in place, and a process for closing those leads into customers.


Confusing Navigation and UX

Tritonwear's navigation was very confusing and overwhelming, offering what appeared to be different products or services for different types of buyers (coaches, parents, swimmers, clubs, etc.), when in reality they had only 1 product to sell to all buyers.

Most startup companies fail to offer enough information for their prospects to learn what they need to know about their product. 

Tritonwear's navigation and site layout were the complete opposite in this situation. They struggled to edit down much of their content that was on their website, and as a result they required site visitors to sift through tons of unnecessary pages, drop downs, and features, thus confusing their audience and causing them to not engage.


Unclear pricing model

The pricing of the product was very unclear when visitors would explore.

Pricing pages are typically the second most looked at page on a website (only second to the home page!), so a clear pricing page plan is critical when building a website.

An extensive pricing page with copy, graphs, and what seemed like areas to expand and contract to tell you more information left visitors overwhelmed.

Once a visitor would navigate through the extensive pricing copy, the call to action was to request a quote — which was a cumbersome form and added more roadblocks for a user who simply wanted to know "what it would cost" their team to purchase the product.


Underwhelming design

As cutting edge and innovative as Tritonwear is, their website and branding left visitors wanting "more" in terms of a brand that matched the product.

Using a pre-built theme and trying to force their brand into the confines of what was given to work with left them with a patchwork site that we knew we'd need to address and clarify.


SEO Concerns

Tied to the lack of leads mentioned above, the website struggled with generating some relevant traffic for terms that seemed like a no-brainer. 


Brochure Website

The last challenge worth noting, and arguably the most important, was that the current website was built in a way that promoted their product like it was a brochure. 

Websites are a critical extension of a company's sales and marketing team.

You obviously need to share information about your product, however, you have to first and foremost focus on answering the questions your prospects have by getting in front of the pains and challenges they may have.

Treating your website as simply a place to try and sell, sell, sell, will only turn away the majority of your visitors. 

Multiple language needs

The Tritonwear product is sold in multiple countries, and therefore they needed to serve their content in multiple languages.


Existing Website



The Solution

In order to clarify their message and truly identify the positioning of the brand, we flew the Tritonwear leadership team to our office for a 3-day Strategic Workshop where we outlined their buyer personas, developed their message strategy, wireframed their site, and created a path to success through goal setting in collaboration with them.

As they left the workshop, they felt confident in our plans moving forward for their site design and go-to-market strategy.

We built a new website that looked and felt more appealing to their buyers, focusing the features and content on the buyer's journey as they moved from awareness, to consideration, and finally to decision stages of making a purchase.

The new website 



The secret to building a highly converting website is not just about getting tons of traffic to hit the site; it's about how to understand psychologically what makes people tick and why they take different actions.

If you know what people are thinking or how they make decisions, you can craft your website messaging in a way that breaks down barriers and presents your company in a light that solves all of their problems and fulfills their goals.

For example, an average website visitor will only spend 2 seconds on your home page. When they visit the page, have they collected the exact amount of information to know exactly what problems you solve? 

Tritonwear's new website is a perfect example of eliminating unnecessary content while providing a clear value statement and path to success. 

We used a valuable formula to identify what data should be presented on the website:

Call out the visitor from the beginning

We use the hero section of the site to tell the user within a matter of milliseconds that they are in the right place by stating who they are and what their goal is.


Knowing the goal of competitive swimmers is to stay on top of their training goals and literally to "lead the fast lane," we highlighted the message from the start.

Combined with an image of a competitive swimmer, and an explainer video that shows the product in action, you subconsciously know immediately upon hitting this site that you are in the right place.


State their exact problems

People naturally gravitate towards statements that describe them.

Once we identified the goals of the people who are coming to the website, we emphasize the pains they are experiencing in order to get on their level.


Outline The Process

How do you break down barriers in telling your brand's story? You need to eliminate the unknowns and reasons someone would not buy right out of the gate. 

Most of the time, brands don't even focus on the most important barrier at all — How to get started.

By simplifying the process down to just 3 easy steps, we completely eliminated the question of "how do I make this work for me," thus allowing swimmers the capability to explore Tritonwear as a solution.



Verify through social proof

Talking about your brand only gets you so far. The best way to get people to trust your brand is to let others do the speaking for you. 

Social proof in the form of testimonials and client logos allow people to see what others are accomplishing and put themselves in their shoes.



Emphasize with Statistics

Sometimes you just need to let the numbers do the talkin' for you.

Statistics reinforce statements and emphasize the importance of working with Tritonwear.



Serve content in multiple languages

t-languageTritonwear is sold in multiple countries around the world, meaning their content needs to be written and served to people in their native language.

We used the HubSpot CMS to serve appropriate content in different languages based on the visitor's country. HubSpot was a fantastic tool to solve this problem natively and easily, when most platforms would have caused a tremendous amount of development work to accomplish this task. This allowed Tritonwear to save a large amount of money and time from being added to the project.






The Path To Success

Here's how we got the website to produce the results Tritonwear needed for success: 


Attracting New Contacts

For the launch of the website, we mapped out a brand new pillar strategy to focus on attracting a brand new audience.


This topic cluster/pillar strategy is called "How to swim faster," which is centered on terms relevant for increasing their swim speed and tracking their performance over time.

Converting Leads On The Website

Using the same topic cluster, we built a new resource library and helped Tritonwear offer an impactful resource page.


This landing page and resource library have become an important asset in the lead conversion for their website.

Creating Sales Opportunities

The incorporation of live chat and meetings into the lead generation process has been a huge success for Tritonwear's ability to create sales opportunities.


The HubSpot meetings tool is directly opening up deals inside the CRM and allowing their sales process to kickoff through complete automation.



how HubSpot was utilized

  • Lists: Segmented their buyers using the lists tool as they engage
  • Workflows: Triggered workflows for notifications and nurturing when a form was submitted
  • Conversations: Tritonwear is using the live chat feature regularly to engage with, and convert, contacts as they visit the website
  • CMS: Website built on hosted entirely on this platform
  • Blogs: Content written to follow cluster model and centered on helping users in the buyer's journey
  • Landing Pages: all TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU landing pages (and forms!) are utilizing HubSpot's landing page functionality
  • Forms: See above!
  • SEO: Topic clusters were created for growth and organization
  • Email: Follow up emails and nurturing emails created for lead engagement
  • Social: Website now sharable and actively used as a resource for scheduling 100s of posts monthly by their entire team
  • CTAs: Beautiful CTAs developed to match brand, share offers, and placed on blogs and website pages
  • Campaigns: Organized all new website activity into campaign
  • Meetings: Calendar and appointment strategy utilized for booking international meetings
  • Deals: Tritonwear is tracking all deals from the website on the platform

The Results

Here is how Tritonwear's new website has impacted the bottom line:



This year alone, traffic increased to 75,000 site visits, which is up 57.82% compared to last year.

Page views are also up across the board.




The website has gone from an average of 300 new contacts per month from Feb 1 to March 30, 2018, to over 650 for the same time period in 2019. On the year, they are up 380.83% compared to last year.



Not only that, but the lead quality has gone up tremendously, citing that the deals they open from organic search have been far superior and faster to close.

Submission numbers have increased beautifully as well, meaning more and more people are finding the site and filling out forms to become leads.




This is where the website has had the biggest impact. Since the launch of the website, Tritonwear's close rate has skyrocketed from a dismal 10% average close rate to a 50% close rate, meaning literally half the deals that are generated turn into customers.

The revenue amounts to an increase in almost $40,000 when comparing the previous monthly deals.


The site launch campaign inside HubSpot called "How To Swim Faster" has been able to influence over $51,000 in new revenue since the launch of the site just 6 months ago. 



The sales performance numbers exhibit a fantastic visual of the full picture. As you can see, Tritonwear has doubled their closed won deals in the last year.




Tritonwear has been an awesome partner to collaborate with, and is a text book case study for building your custom website on HubSpot. We have built a long-lasting relationship with this team, and look forward to continuing our success together!

"It's hard these days to find an agency who is good at both the strategy and execution side of marketing. I would absolutely recommend Web Canopy Studio to another company."

- Katie Marr, Tritonwear



This website was selected as the winner of the HubSpot Impact Award for North America.


Winner of the Impact Award For Web Design



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