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Manufacturing business triples their closed deals with inbound marketing

check2 Over 400% increase in closed deals

check2 628% increase in MQLs sent to sales

check2 Shatters 112% of revenue goal


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CAVU Group, consisting of the brands American Thermal (ATI) and Microtek, is a manufacturer of temperature monitoring and management products in Dayton, OH. They came to Web Canopy Studio to help define the two brands' positioning, realign their marketing process inside the same CRM, and generate better leads. 

We helped CAVU over the last 2 years by redefining their marketing process from focusing on bottom of funnel to educational content, nurturing and segmenting the most qualified leads (MQLs), and building a proper hand-off to sales.

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The Challenge

CAVU was facing many challenges when coming to Web Canopy Studio:


Managing multiple brands

The most pressing and recurring challenge was that CAVU Group consists of two main brands, ATI and Microtek, and there was no clear line between the two when it came to their website and marketing efforts. On the one hand, they had the same target audience and demographics. On the other hand, however they had different offerings, different websites, different sales teams, and different operations.

However, they were both operating out of the same HubSpot portal. So, everything we did for their HubSpot marketing (forms, lead scoring, contact lists, social posts, workflows, etc.) had to be done for both ATI and Microtek--similar, but separate. 


Not reaching the right audience

When CAVU came to us, they didn't have a concerted marketing plan that was built around their target audience. They were traditionally reactive instead of proactive, predominantly speaking only to people who came to their sites and filled out a sales form. They had a lot of recurring business, so they were able to rely on existing customers for repeat orders. However, because they were waiting on people to come to them with a need so they could sell to them, they didn't have a scalable way to consistently bring more of the right leads into their funnel.



Because their only forms were BOFU "Talk to Sales" forms, they did not have any lead-generating pieces of content that were bringing new leads in at the top of the funnel. There were not gated lead magnets to generate interest and bring traffic to their site. The lead generation they did have was coming through attending trade shows and cold outreach from the Sales team. 


Not appropriately nurturing leads

When new leads did come into their funnel, CAVU didn't have a system in place to nurture them. Contacts could fill out a form to talk to the Sales team and that was it: buy or not. They were missing the 90% of their website traffic who were in the Awareness and Consideration stages who were looking for answers to their questions and considering their choices, and not ready for a sales conversation. If the contact didn't buy, they were sitting in their CRM getting stale.


Messaging not clear

The websites for both ATI and Microtek faced many challenges. In addition to not having any TOFU lead-generating landing pages or forms as discussed above they were facing an even bigger problem than that: their messaging. Neither website was telling the right story of who they were, what their product was, and which problems they solved for their target audience. Therefore, they were missing opportunities to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.


Competitors were winning

Both ATI and Microtek were falling behind their competitors when it came to delivering educational content to their target audience. Their websites were very product-heavy and relied on BOFU forms. They weren't meeting their potential buyers where they were and leading with value, so their prospects were going to other places for answers.

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The Solution

American Thermal and Microtek (CAVU Group) worked with Web Canopy Studio to build a clear and concise marketing strategy that helped redefine their target audience, tell the right story from an educational resource perspective, capture their audience early, nurture into them into sales opps, and document everything inside an automation system called HubSpot.

As you'll read in the following sections, we utilized a number of strategies and resources to help CAVU grow their business and shatter their goals.

proper Goal Setting and strategy

The first thing we did was a goal-setting exercise to figure out exactly what their KPIs were and how we could achieve them. We first established what their revenue goals were and then extracted that into how many customers, opportunities, MQLs, leads, and site visits we'd need to hit those goals. This gave us clear insight into where our biggest hurdles were going to be and enabled us to hone in on specific opportunities to improve.

We also build a comprehensive content strategy that involved blogs, pillar pages, landing pages, and more. We organized the strategy into 90 day campaigns and used HubSpot's SEO tool to organize the pillars into topic clusters.


Create new education-based content For Organic 

Our pillar strategy was aimed at getting in front of our buyer personas with helpful, relevant content for the problems they were looking for solutions to. By doing this, we not only established ourselves as a thought leader in this space, we delivered proactive solutions via blog and pillar content that brought organic traffic to the site like never before. Getting in front of the target audience's pain points earlier enabled us to frame what the solutions to their problems are and get to the decision-maker more quickly.


re-engage audience to warm up dormant contacts

Once we were bringing more organic leads than ever before, we utilized HubSpot's workflow tools to create a nurturing system that delivered valuable touch points to our contacts. Rather than ask for a sales conversation or come off as pushy, we instead just continued to offer content that solved problems for them and let them come to us in their own time.


We also held a series of webinars to move contacts through the funnel with a high-value piece of premium content that not only warmed up existing contacts, it serves as an amazing piece of gated content that we can use to generate new leads. Our most recent one influenced more than $600,000 in revenue!



Combine two disconnected HubSpot portals

ATI and Microtek were both on separate HubSpot portals, which created many issues. Their sales teams weren't aligned, there was limited visibility between the two brands, and logistically it created silos. To resolve this, we combined both companies into the same portal, which included migrating Microtek's entire webste. This enabled us to see the full picture, build processes to align their marketing and sales teams, and provide accurate and detailed reporting all in one place.


New websites on Hubspot

Many of the challenges that ATI and Microtek faced were because their websites were outdated and didn't do a good job of passing the eye test, bringing the right traffic to their site, and demonstrating the problems they solved for their target audience. We built two complete websites that distinctly match each brand, yet similar enough to show consistency under the CAVU umbrella.

Bringing both sites onto one platform also gave their marketing team invaluable insight into their traffic analytics, lead generation, conversion metrics, and more.




Prioritize leads appropriately for their sales team

The purpose of bringing in organic traffic and offering TOFU content was to bring in more leads to the top of the funnel, and by nurturing them we continued to engage with our leads. However, we knew we needed a scalable way to figure out who was ready to be handed off to the Sales team.

So, we used HubSpot's lead scoring tool to determine both HIGH FIT and HIGH ENGAGEMENT leads--and built a workflow to change their lifecycle stage to MQL. At this point, they were handed off to Sales. That way, Sales didn't have to spend their time cold-calling and instead were being delivered a steady stream of warmed-up, quality leads.


Hand off to sales

To deliver these leads to sales, we built a workflow that said once a contact's HubSpot score = 25, they were changed to a Marketing Qualified Lead and assigned to a sales rep.


Track appropriate KPIs with reports

We documented and dialogued on every major campaign along the way using HubSpot's Dashboard and Reporting tools. By tracking things like:

  • Highest performing landing page
  • Which blogs had the most organic traffic
  • Where new leads were being generated
  • The success of nurturing campaigns

We were able to pull meaningful, actionable data and make confident decisions to improve and report on everything we did. 


maintain a product library in hubspot

We helped their sales team utilize the full suite of Sales Products inside HubSpot including calendars, sequences, lead scoring, and more to unify them under one consistent process that empowers them to spend less time tracking administrative work and more time selling.




The Path To Success 


Attracting Visitors

We built several topic clusters that solved problems for their buyer personas and wrote helpful, informative content that ranked organically for the keywords we identified.

Converting Leads

Once we brought the right traffic to the site, we dazzled our audience with CTAs for downloadable premium content that included checklists, eBooks, webinars, and more.

qualify for MQL

We set up HubSpot Scores for key properties and activities so we could have insight to our Marketing Qualified Leads and feel confident about delivering those leads to the Sales team.



how HubSpot was utilized

  • Lists: Segmented their buyers using the lists tool as they engage
  • Workflows: Triggered workflows for notifications and nurturing when a form was submitted
  • Conversations: American Thermal is using the live chat feature regularly to engage with, and convert, contacts as they visit the website
  • CMS: Website built on hosted entirely on this platform
  • Blogs: Content written to follow cluster model and centered on helping users in the buyer's journey
  • Landing Pages: all TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU landing pages (and forms!) are utilizing HubSpot's landing page functionality
  • Forms: See above!
  • SEO: Topic clusters were created for growth and organization
  • Email: Follow up emails and nurturing emails created for lead engagement
  • Social: Website now sharable and actively used as a resource for scheduling posts monthly by their entire team
  • CTAs: Beautiful CTAs developed to match brand, share offers, and placed on blogs and website pages
  • Campaigns: Organized all new activity into campaign
  • Meetings: Calendar and appointment strategy utilized for booking international meetings
  • Deals: American Thermal is tracking all deals from the website on the platform
  • Reports: American Thermal is appropriately utilizing dashboards and reporting to track their marketing and sales

The Results

Here is how American Thermal's and Microtek's new websites have impacted the bottom line:


New Site Traffic

Their site traffic more than doubled over the previous year. This was because the sites were picking up traction organically and through promotion, and people returning to the sites to engage with us through various marketing campaigns.

New Contacts

Lead generation skyrocketed to 929 in 2019 compared to 128 in 2018!

Landing Page Performance

We used landing pages for both lead generation AND lead nurturing to promote product downloads, webinars, TOFU offers and more. The performance kicked butt over the prior year!

New MQLs

So how did Marketing do in delivering MQLs to the Sales team? 662 through, averaging about 60/month! The best part about this chart is that the top source of MQLs is organic traffic! Exactly what we want to see. 

Closed Deals

Their closed deals climbed steadily throughout the year and didn't fall into any seasonal trends or down periods.






"Great team and awesome to work with. We are a midsized company with a smaller team and Web Canopy helps us to do much more than we could do on our own. They are an extension of our team and push us to think outside of the box in our marketing and campaigns"

- David Haan, American Thermal Cavu Group


This account was selected as the winner of the HubSpot Impact Award for North America.




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