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 Build Great Things With Us

Work with our innovative team to help solve problems on kickass projects with kickass clients.

People are what drives us. It’s the people in our organization that have made us one of the fastest growing Diamond HubSpot Partners in the world, and it’s our people that make working with us so unique and enjoyable. We strive to be the best at what we do, which includes collaboration with our clients. We have a saying around here

We must always set the bar, not simply try to reach it.

And, when you’re working with us on various projects, you can take comfort in expecting exactly that. In our field, the only way to set the standard is to be innovative. We embrace the creative and out-of-the-box, and aren’t afraid to try something new. Lastly, but most importantly, our motto: No Assholes. We don’t work with ‘em. We don’t hire ‘em. So if you’re an asshole, get lost. Not that you are, obviously :)

We want to give you the tools you need to be successful

We Bring A Lot To The Table

We believe in collaboration. We believe in working together to solve complex problems. We also believe in taking care of each other and making sure your work/life balance is well intact and healthy. Here's what Web Canopy Studio offers to all full-time members of the fam.

Unlimited Vacation

The last thing anyone wants is to live in "burnout" mode. We believe that allowing our team to take as much time as necessary to themselves is vital to personal success. And don't worry, we'll cover for you ;)

Remote Flexibility

Look, sometimes you just need a day to chill in your jam jams, watch Ellen, and get your work done. We get it, and we are not going to hate on that. In reality, being flexible for family and personal reasons is one of our favorite perks.


Did someone say vision and dental? Yeah, we got it. We offer a competitive insurance plan for yourself and your fam (and yes, dental and vision are options), and we offer full pay maternity and paternity leave, among other great benefits.


Job Opportunities

We are always actively seeking the best talent out there to join our team. We are predominantly located in beautiful Traverse City, MI, surrounded by lakes, hills, breweries, wineries, and more fun than you could imagine from a town of 15,000. Come be a part of something awesome with us! Check out the listing of job opportunities to see what might fit you.

Not Finding Your Role?

If you feel that Web Canopy Studio is the perfect fit for you but the positions above do not match the career path you have, please email us at info@webcanopystudio.com with a brief description and explanation!