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A Header To Capture Not Only Eyes But Minds

Make sure the message that brought visitors here is consistent with what they see on this page


Try It Now

Propose solutions to your prospects' problems.

Use this space to identify the 3 main reasons your prospect should sign up or download your offer.

Reach New Prospects

A different kind of landing page can draw the attention of a different kind of buyer

Engage Your Audience

This simple yet attractive form allows your demo or sign up to shine through

Convert More Leads

This design allows the visitor to focus on your offer and encourage lead generation

Plimpton Testimonial Image

"Testimonials are an important tool for prospects to read.  You can talk about your product all day, but what really strikes a chord with your clients is hearing what other people think of you."

Bethany Miller, Founder Bluth Co.

Plimpton Testimonial Image

"If you don't have anyone you can interview at this point, then utilize the quotes from your staff about why they love being a part of your team, or what your founders have to say about the path of the company."

Kyle Harrison, Partner Bluth Co.

What Problem Do You Solve

Emphasize Your Solution


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This is one more rich text editor to further emphasize your solutions and how you solve the problems of your visitors. Use this space for any number of items you need to drive home.

Try It For Free

This is a rich text area. Use this space to describe your offer:

  • Point number one should be the most
  • The second point should be strong, too
  • With point three, highlight something cool
  • Point four is the where to drive home your efforts

This template focuses on lead conversion.  That won't happen without relationship building.  Do that here.