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Inside this free step-by-step masterclass, you’ll discover:


How to easily book more sales calls immediately

The quickest and easiest way to get clients to sign up for sales calls and demos with you, that's not stuck in a method from half a decade ago.




How to turn your website into a conversion machine

Take MASSIVE action and make your website drive tons of leads into your pipeline, filtering them so you know who to prioritize first.




How to create a nurturing process that gets amazing results

The exact step-by-step process you need to follow in order to nurture leads into awesome opportunities.




How to shift your approach to a modern feel and stop marketing like it’s 2015

The five critical shifts you need to make in your marketing and website strategy today in order to easily bring in qualified leads.




Our go-to guide for creating an amazing funnel and sales strategy

Including a workbook and fill-in-the-blank process to follow in order to generate better leads and close them into revenue.



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John Aikin, CEO Web Canopy Studio

Look, most people don’t have a solid lead generation system in place.

They throw things at the wall and hope something sticks.

They bounce from one idea to another. 

They hire marketers, salespeople, or agencies thinking it’s going to save the day for them.

However, 99% of the time none of that “shiny object” syndrome is going to work.

You need processes. You need a system. You need a way to scale. 

And friends, that’s why we’ve built this masterclass and workbook - you’re going to scale your business through a lead generation and revenue growth system, by implementing a simple step-by-step process.

When it comes to generating leads, you’ve probably heard a ton about what to do from different sources… but not a solid process on how to actually do it, right? 

Let’s get started with the exact step-by-step process we use at Web Canopy Studio, and many of our clients are using today, to drastically scale their business.

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  • This Masterclass and workbook is DESIGNED FOR YOU if:

You’re struggling to generate consistent revenue, month after month


You’re not generating enough quality sales calls to fill up your calendar daily


You’ve been burned by bad agencies, marketers, or salespeople


You’re on your own and are wondering what you’re going to do next


Your leads are not regularly re-engaging with your content


You’re having leads fall out of your pipeline due to a long sales cycle


...So what are you waiting for?


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I’ve run this agency for over a decade, and I can tell you that I’ve seen two kinds of companies that we’ve worked with:


  • Those that are stuck, trying a million different things, or are sitting in an old way of doing marketing
  • And those next level businesses that make a smart shift, address their problems and concerns head on, and build a scalable system that generates leads FOR them.


And it’s so much easier than you think.


I can say that confidently because in the 10+ years of helping businesses grow, those that chose to take this step saw an amazing ROI across the board. Those that didn’t end up struggling. 


Now, I know other agencies and our favorite “guru’s” (who likely still live in their mom’s basement) have preached something similar. 


And if you’ve ever experienced any of their “training” you quickly learn it’s nothing but a promo of the “successes” their clients have, the amount of money they currently make, and a pitch to get you to buy some magic that they’ll gladly handover that actually does nothing for you.


I’m not going to do that. 


Why do this for free? Because it’s about helping people grow. It’s our mission. If it was truly the mission of other brands, they wouldn’t be overly gimmicky like they are.


We know if you like what you see and you truly need help beyond what we teach, then you’ll want to have a conversation with us. 


And if you don’t? That’s totally fine. We love that you’re getting free valuable training, and we hope you continue to enjoy the offerings we provide.


Is there a pitch? Are we selling anything? 


No - there is no sales pitch in this training. We do offer a strategy call, but it’s a no pressure offer, take it if you need it. Or don’t.

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