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 A Marketing Blueprint and Roadmap Workshop

The Foundry is an online marketing workshop that helps you lay out the perfect website, set goals for successful growth, and reinvent your marketing strategy to land more customers.


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Foundry Explainer V5

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You Need More Sales. Period.

All other metrics are just "fluff" if you aren't moving the needle. They're nice to have. They look good on paper. But if you can't generate better sales and better revenue, you're just wasting time. The Foundry is here to help you tell the right story, set the right goals, and build a flawless marketing strategy to boost your revenue.


Module 1: Discovery

At the start of all engagements, we must first get to know your customers and what kind of challenges they may have. We also need to know how they talk about your company. We'll do this through a series of research tasks, both with you and behind the scenes:

  • Client surveys (to gauge their perception)
  • Staff surveys (sales, leadership, support staff)
  • Polls
  • Heatmaps (tracking how people are using your site)
  • Message mining
  • Content/site/keyword audit
  • Existing persona review
Module 1


Module 2: Buyer Personas

In order to generate leads and nurture them into a proper sales funnel, you must first understand how to tell the story of your clients - This means how to overcome their objections, fulfill their needs, and help them reach their goals. We'll build out 2-3 detailed personas WITH you in order to better identify:

  • Demographics
  • Goals & Values
  • Pains & Challenges
  • Objections & Roles
  • And their sources of information
Module 2- Buyer Personas


Module 3: Brand Journey

Through effective storytelling, we're able to break down how users interact and perceive your company. In this messaging framework, we’ll establish what is the underlying internal reasons your prospects would, or would not, buy from you.

Your unique message framework will be the guide for all that you do in your marketing/sales messages and calls to action. It’s through this framework that you will build trust and authority with your prospects while building a sense of urgency and need for action in order to accomplish their goals. This will include:

  • External/Internal Problems
  • Compelling events
  • Refusal or reasons for inaction
  • Company validation (why you're a guide)
  • Lead magnet discovery
  • Competitor analysis
  • Process plan 
  • Fears and propositions
  • Needs and features
  • Post-purchase outline
  • Customer vulnerabilities for churn
  • Success vs. failure
Module 3- Brand Journey


Module 4: Sales Alignment

A sales alignment assessment is necessary to close the gap in the sales and marketing process. We intend to dive into the sales and marketing handoff and evaluate how to coordinate with your team, making recommendations moving forward. This is a precursor to a larger sales enablement engagement.

  • Goals (revenue & net new clients)
  • MQLs and lead scoring
  • The handoff from marketing to sales
Module 4- Sales Alignment


Module 5: Website Roadmap

You can't appropriately build out a conversion-focused website without an appropriate guide. We will help define what your website should include, why pages should/should not exist, and prioritize a backlog of work to be done on the site.
  • Site navigation/architecture
  • Homepage wireframe
  • High traffic pages list
  • High intent pages list
  • Conversations strategy (live chat, chatbot)
  • Keyword Optimization
Module 5- Website Roadmap


Module 6: Marketing Strategy

We use all the data that was gathered in the previous sections to map out a 6-month action plan for marketing implementation. Note, this is not the actual development and deployment of the action plan, but is the entire step-by-step process laid out in detail. We'll use HubSpot topic clusters/pillar strategy as the guiding light for ongoing content production and organic SEO reach. The action plan will include the following
  • 2 Pillar/topic clusters
  • Pillar page outline + chapters
  • 22 blog posts, titled and outlined (11 from each topic cluster)
  • 1 Lead Magnet outlines (1 from each topic cluster)
  • Nurturing email series (workflow)
  • Social media process for sharing content quickly and easily

Module 6- Marketing Strategy


Attract Visitors

You're going to create an actionable marketing strategy designed to attract your perfect buyers. During this workshop, we will guide you through step-by-step exercises to effectively position your brand.

Convert Leads

This roadmap will give you everything you need to develop a clear marketing funnel focused on lead conversion. You will walk through this step-by-step process with us to outline the perfect lead magnets and content to convert better leads.

Close Customers

During this workshop, we'll work diligently with you to build a blueprint for nurturing your leads into MQLs for your sales team to actively pursue (high fit, high engagement). Nurturing and re-engagement is the fastest way to close more revenue.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Ray Taylor, Franciscan Media

"Using the assessment Web Canopy Studio calls the Foundry as our first step, we were blown away by the depth of the assessment performed, but even more impressed with their guidance and recommendations for our marketing direction."

John Steidley, Owner, Sales Builder Pro

"The experience at the Web Canopy Workshop has been great! It gave us an opportunity to focus our team on rebuilding our website, clarifying our message, and building a much better go to market solution."

Adam Masur, VP Marketing, Credly

"We worked through Web Canopy Studio's Foundry process to set goals, refine our messaging, and answer all the hard questions you really should answer before starting on content and development."

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