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The Foundry is a Conversion Rate Optimization Service that reworks your personas, lays out a 3-month customized marketing strategy, and maps your site architecture in order to convert your visitors into truly raving customers.


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Why Conversion Rate Optimization?

Your website won't accurately convert visitors unless you know, without question, why they are there and what they need from you. We give you the tools, resources, and game plan to make that happen.

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Conversion Machine

Create the perfect conversion funnel based on the Voice of Customer research provided. We'll give you everything you need to highlight the exact messaging your visitors are looking for. 

Campaign Planner

Once the machine is built, you need to use tailored content in a masterful campaign to put fuel on the fire. We hook you up with a 3-month long, step-by-step outline.

Buyer Personas

True buyer persona research is not easy to come by. We'll collaborate with you and your target audience to compile detailed personas, outlining pains, challenges, goals, and objectives.

See What's Included
  • 3 month marketing plan
  • 12 week detailed campaign guide
  • 24 SEO-focused blog post outlines
  • Premium awareness offer outline
  • consideration and decision stage offers
  • 12 week social media schedule & outline
  • workflow development for lead nurturing
  • email automation topics
  • software recommendations
  • website mockups of primary pages
  • site navigation and architecture
  • buyer persona profiles
  • friction and pain point solutions
  • user testing sessions
  • client polls and surveys
  • heatmaps and site recordings
  • online message mining
  • client interviews

Jump start your marketing with a highly conversion-focused inbound marketing campaign laid out exclusively for you. The Foundry lays out your next 3 months of marketing in a simple and easy-to-follow format so you can get the most out of your marketing. 

We do all the buyer persona research for you. We do all the messaging and strategy. We do all the blog titles and content outlines, workflow outlines, and social planning for you. And yes, we're serious. We will take all the guess work out of your campaign planning and provide you with highly tangible, easily implemented resources that you can work through for the next 3 months, in just a matter of weeks. Sounds awesome, right?

Remember... Space is limited!

The Foundry Team

We have a solid Foundry lineup that was built to help your company grow. These are the folks you will be in direct contact with during your time with us. These are the people that put your company's best interest at the root of why they come to work every day. 

Foundry Team - Project Manager



Project Manager

Patty will be your primary point of contact for the duration ofthe project, as she leads the internal team in agile project management. She will act as your voice in our office, paying close attention to your specific needs. She has a deep background in working with companies across many industries, and possesses an unrivaled attention for detail.

Jasmine Foundry



Sr. Inbound Marketing Consultant

Jasmine heads up the ongoing inbound structure inside our office, overseeing her team's design and inbound marketing processes for clients. She commands a deep understanding of HubSpot, and along with her team of inbound and design specialists, will ensure a conversionfocused approach to your brand's digital presence.




Inbound Automation Specialist

Ryan works with clients on inbound marketing automation, focusing on quality assurance throughout your project engagement with us. He maintains our library of HubSpot assets and works closely with the team to predict and prevent bugs and other issues. He is our in-house HubSpot specialist.

Mike Foundry



Director of Business Development

Mike helps strategize and plan the entire Foundry process from the start. He is involved periodically to ensure your expectations meet the desired outcomes, and that you are well taken care of.

Patrick Foundry



Director of Development

Patrick oversees a team of in-house developers in problem solving, UX development, and code writing on the HubSpot platform. His expertise on the COS, which is maintained for all of our developers, drives much of our company's efficiencies and standard quality of work.

John Foundry




John has built this agency from the ground up, servicing thousands of HubSpot customers and helping them grow their businesses. On your project team, John will help facilitate meetings, organize, strategize, and deploy the WCS team as needed, ensuring only the highest caliber of work is being delivered.

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