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How Do I Access Prelude's Stylesheet?


Go to Content > Design Manager. Once you are in the design manager, click on "Browse" in the top left and look for "Coded Files".


how-do-i-access preludes-stylesheet1.gif


Search for "Prelude-style.css" and click on the stylesheet when it appears. Before you make changes to the stylesheet, you will have to clone it:

Click on Actions > Clone. Rename it accordingly.


how-do-i-access preludes-stylesheet2.gif


Next, you'll have to link Prelude to this clone.

In order to do that, click Edit > Edit Head.

You will see a section labeled 'Attach Stylesheet'. Click the 'X' on the existing stylesheet to remove it. Then, click on "add another stylesheet" and select the one you just made.


how-do-i-access preludes-stylesheet3.gif



Publish Changes.


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