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Workshops & Courses To Help You Grow Your Agency


Agency Lead Generation | Landing Retainer Clients | Scaling, Hiring, & Client Retention


Online Workshop

Do You Need To Grow Your Agency?

  • Are you struggling to generate new leads?
  • Are you stuck with clients you don't want to work with?
  • Do you have looming bills, payroll, taxes, etc. that keep you up at night?
  • Are the clients you work with low-paying and killing your profit?
  • Are you trying to grow but can't get out of the day-to-day operations?
  • Are you concerned you might have to shut down your agency if things don't turn around?


If any of these sound even remotely familiar to you, you're in the right place!

check out our next Online Workshop Series!

 Online Workshop



Generate Awesome Leads

Construct a fool-proof marketing strategy that will help you bring on your ideal higher quality, better fit clients



Drastically Grow Your Profit

Develop a strong sales process, close bigger accounts, and expand into long-term retainers for larger revenue



Become An Agency Master

Develop a system using the proper tools and management processes to streamline your projects and scale your team

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6-Weeks Of Must-Have Training, Focused on High Impact Agency Lead Generation and Quick Win Strategies

Online Workshop

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  • Agency Training And Growth
  • Workshop Opportunities for Agencies
  • Agency Master Classes
  • Agency Templates And Workshops

Why Learn With Web Canopy Studio?

We've been there.

Just like you, we are a digital agency who works towards some of the same goals. Unlike other agency training groups from self-proclaimed "gurus", we have experienced these exact struggles that you're going through now. We want to share exactly how we've solved these problems and give you tools to help you grow.

  • agencyworkshops.jpg


    In person or online, our agency workshops are designed as high-impact training on topics like agency lead generation, structuring services, and more

    In Person Workshops

  • marketing-strategies-to-improve-sales-and-increase-conversion.jpg

    1-on-1 Coaching 

    Our premium offer - Meet with CEO, John Aikin, weekly to work through issues, structure your business, and problem solve specific growth concerns with your agency

    Agency 1-on-1 Coaching

  • marketingforsaascompanies.jpg


     Discover how to land more retainers, how to increase your sales and revenue, and how to structure your agency for growth in this on-demand course (resources included!)


    Agency Masterclass

Who Is Web Canopy Studio?

We're a team of sales and marketing professionals, content strategists, HubSpot experts, developers, and designers who focus on results. We're a Diamond HubSpot Agency, and we've helped hundreds of organizations grow, scale, and increase their profits.


Hear What Others Are Saying...

  • Image_Slider1.jpeg

    What A Brilliant Class


    I attended the course in Milan with John and it was fantastic: content was very clear and aligned with my needs. I learned a lot and from the very start, I got practical tools to include in my daily routine. Very useful!


    - Gianluca Ambietti, OFG ADV

  • Image_Slider2.jpeg

    Amazing Experience 


    I need to say thank you to John for the 2-day Workshop in Milan. All he said was a punch in the stomach for web agency stability, and it's also the starting point for changing our mindset as an agency. I need to say thank you also to the other participants. their questions were in line with ours, which made us feel less alone in this confusing market! It was really interesting. I hope to see John soon, maybe in another workshop :)


    - Maria Rossella Scarpa, SDWWG

  • Image_Slider3.jpg

    Great Mindset, Great Ideas For Growth


    I was pleased by this 2-day workshop in Paris, thank you. It gives me an opportunity to reboot my work with EOS traction and to my team. Thank again, John :)

    - Marc Sauvage, Inbound Value

  • company-hero-cadenza.jpg

    Agency Masterclass


    I participated in the HubSpot Agency Training for our agency, Mi4. It was immensely valuable as we're able to learn from the experience of a successful HubSpot Partner Agency. The course materials are extremely well put together and John is a great trainer.

    - Miguel de La Rocha, MI4

  • 10stepchecklistmarketing.jpg

    Good People!


    John and his team at Web Canopy Studio are not only really good at what they do, but they're also very generous about teaching and sharing what works and what doesn't. They truly embody what it means to be Inbound.

    - Brendon Dennewill, Denamico Inc.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Grab some of our free templates and start improving your agency!


Agency Templates